Curse of the Sands Saturday 19th September 2021 Update Zee World

Curse Of The Sand Wednesday 6th October 2021 Zee World
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Curse of the Sands Saturday 19th September 2021 Update Zee World In the room, the Ananya Wept Shiv Torture Amar. Amar appeared outside his room and knocked on the door for permission to enter. Ananya did not reply. Amar grinned which he likes anywhere without an invitation. Ananya screamed for fear. Amar said Shiv always had to pay every time he would screw him up. Ananya answers their love cannot be damaged by a little physical pain. Their love will be even if Shiv is gone. Amar decided to give his love testimony once again. He will see how long it survives.

He called Shiv to the room. The door opens alone. Shiv walked to Amar’s room, walking hard. His forehead was still bleeding. Amar asks why he doesn’t apply an ointment, however it is not needed. He told Shiv to go and bring the coat and things he handled. Shiv got a coat and helped Amar wear it. He then handed the dog belt. Amar ordered Shiv to wear this dog belt.

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Shiv obeyed his order and tied the belt on his neck. Ananya secretly wept on his condition. Amar tells Shiv to leave. He turned around, but Amar dragged him with a belt. He told Shiv to go and wear another belt. Amar spoke to his parents that this was a result of stubbornness. Ananya challenges that this will continue only for 21 days. He is brave, that Amar will wear this dog belt in the next 21 days.

The next morning, Ketki took black coffee to Amar. He smiled. Ketki said sometimes, Amar crossed his limit. Whatever he did for Shiv was not true. Amar Poses of a Burnt Face, and asks if he thinks it’s all wrong? He interpreted him, forbid him to give him a lecture correctly and wrongly.

He likes Shiv, so he will get Shiv. He angry told him to go here and warn him to try and stop him from anything else. He developed a fireball and Keiki felt his arm twisted and cried in pain, agreed to him never stop him from anything.

Amar threatens him won’t go worth stopping it, next time.
Ketki came to Shiv’s room. He sat on the couch, wearing a dog belt. His hands were still bleeding, so did his forehead. Ketki asks how to run, and offers to apply drugs. Shiv did not want to take medicine as Amar said.

At night, Shiv sat on his bed. He unlocked his belt from his neck and lay down to rest. The mother came to her room with the first aid box. He took the belt from Shiv’s hand. He now carefully wiped the blood from his forehead. He quietly wondered what happened to him.

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He troubles himself because of Amar. He applied the cotton bandage on his forehead, then cleaned the blood from his hand. He bent to kiss his face. One of his tears fell on his cheeks. When his order left, Shiv woke up and found himself wrapped away.

In the room, his parents worried about the challenge to Amar, and his courage that Shiv suffering would double the opposite. Sunan came to Ananya and questioned why she didn’t accept all this. Amar hurt Shiv because of him.

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Ananya questioned where this motherly when he betrayed Shiv and helped Amar. Sunanda tried to slap his mother but she counted it in the air. He objected sunana he was a witch and would remain so, but he must remember that history repeated himself.

Today, Amar stands exactly where he stood 30 years ago. Sunana uses every tactic to get RAM, but Mohini will never be able to destroy Love Siya and RAM. Likewise, Amar will continue to suffer, try and try but will never be able to violate Shiv’s love and Ananya.


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