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Curse Of The Sands Saturday 24th September 2021 Update Zee World Amar handed over the matches to Shiv and ordered him to burn himself. Shiv moved the match up towards his head. Sunan was concerned and told Amar to stop him. Before Shiv’s hair could burn, Amar blew it. He now tells Shiv to go and continue his work. Ananya witnessed this from behind the wall, crying badly. Amar asks Sunanda if he wants to see another example. Sunan answered no. Amar knows this dose is enough.

Ketki is preparing sweets in the kitchen. Rahul came there and tried to take the beans. Ketki scolded him to stay away. Rekha asks Ketki what happens. Rahul and Rekha laughed when Ketki said he was preparing for Shiv. They convinced Ketki that Shiv was a slave Amar, he had to please Amar and not Shiv.

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The mother came to Amar. He was happy that he came to him alone. Ananya said Amar wanted him to behave well with him, he would accept one of his conditions if he did one thing for him. He said he wanted to do the Holika branch. Amar approved and left the room.

Ketki pressed the shirt. Rahul came to seize a shirt and wanted it. They fight. Ketki will retreat but Shiv holds it in his arms. He moved towards Rahul and slapped his face. Shiv said Amar told him Ketki was his wife, so he could not let anyone hurt his wife. He handed the shirt back to Ketki and left the room. Ketki is happy. Ananya sad witnessed this through the window.

Everyone from the family is in the hall. Amma Ji read Holika’s story. Everyone carefully listens to the story. Mishra Ji and Rekha are ready for preparation. Rahul lost in mind about Shiv’s slap. Mishra Ji took her for help. Amma Ji sent ketki to get oil. Kamal brought everything to pooja.

At night, everyone is ready for the Holika Dahan event. Amma Ji asked where the mother left. Amar goes to check in the house. He checked in the living room, the kitchen was even upstairs. Amma Ji worried that Mohrat jumped up and down.

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Amar was held when his mother was not visible.
Shiv turned on the wooden stem and handed it to Amma Ji. Amma Ji tells everyone to remain ready, they will start Holika branches as soon as they come. Ketki was annoyed and instead lit a stack to start Holika’s branch.

Amar stopped with a note, not beside the walls that want Amar will also be burned with Holika branches. He wondered what this meaning.

Outside, the family prayed when Holika’s stack was being burned. Amar walked outside and said his mother was in Holika. Kamal shouted for water. Everyone from the family was surprised to see the hands burned. Amar tried his magical power but everything was in vain.

All strength of Amar fired again. Amar wondered why his strength would not work. Sunanda said this was a godly Holika fire. Amar thinks he is a devil but not Shiv. Amar ordered Shiv to save his parents. Shiv looked at Amar. Ketki tried to stop his mother. Shiv is ready to jump to the fire. He pulled wood, stem after rod. Ananya was finally pulled out of Holika. Shiv took him into his arms and went home.

In the house, Shiv took his own bed. Amar told Shiv to go outside. Shiv came out of the room while Amar tried to wake up. Amar tried to gather his strength once more. Shiv watched him carefully. Amar can’t wake up, use his strength. Shiv stood at the door of the room, sad. Shiv wondered why the pain was very painful.


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