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Curse of the Sands Thursday 23th September 2021 Update Zee World Ananya was determined not to let Amar touch it. Amar grinned and said tomorrow, Shiv would apply the color of Amar’s name, and bring his disgrace in front of the whole Banaras. He challenged him to wait and watch, and his Shiv would bring him destruction.

Ananya said at least he would let Shiv play Holi, no matter it for his destruction. He will handle the rest. Amar looked closely, then laughed at his trust. He is about to enjoy the game now. He will be relieved when his trust is too destroyed, soon.

That morning. Amma Ji sent Rahul to get some candy from the store. Rahul asked for money, but Amma Ji slapped him as he had to get it from their own shop. Mishra Ji came to Amma Ji, dancing and teasing Amma Ji.

Amma Ji sent it down the shower, so she made sense. Mishra Ji went dancing with Sunana instead, after the good news. Amma Ji wondered if she was crazy, and cared about her. Rahul was convinced everything would be fine.

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The mother came to Shiv’s room. He asked if he really thought about his character. Didn’t he deserve to be loved? Shiv asked what he could call a girl, who would marry a brother, and tease others. He thought worse to him.

The mother cries, with her mouth closed. He remembered all the past moments with Shiv. He said today Shiv has proven its business is useless.

He won’t cry for a man anymore who doesn’t respect him in his heart. He must object to the fact that he will regret all this one day. One day, he would think about how he said words like that for him. Shiv joined his hand and asked him to leave now. The mother walked out of her room.

Mishra Ji brought shake milk to Sunanda and took permission to walk closer. Semana asks what is good. Mishra Ji said he brought all the news. Shiv hasn’t regained his memory. He only insulted his mother.

Sunana throws shake milk on Mishra Ji’s face and scolds it for giving all tensions with half the previous news. Mishra Ji assured them he would always bring the best news for him, only if he got a chance. Sunana handed her a glass. He went to get a cup of milkshake again.

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Amma Ji enjoys the video on her cellphone. Rekha came to him, Irked, and grabbed the cellphone. Amma Ji was angry at the action. Rekha complained that Mishra Ji was always behind the magician, why did he marry her with Mishra Ji. Amma Ji was afraid of wizards and warned Rikha to speak in a low voice. Rekha left helplessly.

Ananya is in his room. Kamal came to him and joined his hand to Ananya. He asked what else he could do. He was so helpless today, he could only shed tears now. He slapped himself from depression. Ananya stopped Kamal and hugged him, he said nothing could help them in such situations. They themselves are helpless.

He cried and said he wanted to end this fight. He did not have the courage to fight such a situation, and live a life that was sufficient. He announced his decision to commit suicide. Kamal was surprised in this matter. He told him, he was his father’s brave daughter. Even though it’s helpless now, he won’t let him alone in his life step. He hugged his mother.

Sunan came to Amar and asked if he planned to embarrass his mother through Shiv in front of the neighborhood. Amar replied he heard right. So what kind of life is questioning. Amar replied that this was his love, no matter he had to get recognition of the proposal, strength, or murder. Sunana asks if Shiv will agree.

Amar offers to show Samida samples. He called Shiv to the hall. Shiv walked to Amar. Amar ordered him to get drama from the temple. Shiv lives by. Sunana hurts. Amar ordered Shiv to bend his head. He spilled burned oil on his head. Semana asked what he did. Amar looked at Sunana and continued to spill oil through Shiv’s head. He now takes


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