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Curse of the Sands Thursday 30th September 2021 Update Zee World

Curse of the Sands Thursday 30th September 2021 Update Zee World
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CURSE OF THE SANDS Thursday, September 30, 2021, the episode starts with an angry Amar and attacks Shiv. The mother came in front of Shiv. He is ready to face Amar to endanger his family. He saw the iron trunk nearby and held it in his hand. Amar grinned. Shiv said it would not benefit. Amar answered he was there. Amar laughed if his mother truly believed she would be able to defeat her with this stick. He nodded and hit a stick on Shiv’s head.

He remembered Semanda told everyone in the room, that Shiv had to faint so he didn’t disturb their work. Kamal is also parid a mustache and fake glasses. Dadi is happy to see Kamal. They tie Amar with the chain now. Ananya touched the back of Amar’s head with a stick. He fell unconscious too.

CURSE OF THE SANDS Thursday, September 30, 2021 The Panday family has dug the grave to Amar and threw mud into his lower body. Ananya flies everyone. They must plant Shevlin above this grave before Shiv gets awareness. He ordered everyone to keep the grave with a Trishul when he took Shevlin. Ketki, Dadi, Kamal, and Rekha look after Amar’s grave. The mother dragged the Shivlin train.

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There is a strong wind storm. One hand Amar lifted from the grave. A large rock prevents moving trains. Ananya lifts stones. Meanwhile, the family directed Trishul in a lifted area. Other hands have risen from the grave. Before the Ananya could reach, the grave of the robes apart, and Amar stood up like a demon with black eyes.

CURSE OF THE SANDS Thursday, September 30, 2021 He roars if they think they can get rid of it easily. He is a devil, and the devil never dies. Ananya shouted that there were no family members who did not need to be afraid of him, he was helpless. He kept dragging the card. Amar rolled the fireball in his hand. Ananya shout no! He threw the fireball towards the family. Everyone falls, hurt. Dadi is unconscious. Theanya took the attention of Rahul against Dadi and prayed for Mahadev for his salvation. Dadi woke up with a little help from Rahul and Attache.

Sand curse Thursday, September 30 2021 Update Zee World: Ananya forbade Amar who once again rolled the fireball towards them. Ananya responded to them to fight instead of fear. Kamal took the trashul, everyone went to hold their own trashul. Amar used his strength to grip Ketki’s neck from a distance. Kamal brought Trishul Ketki and he was relieved.

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CURSE OF THE SANDS Thursday, September 30, 2021 Ananya hid behind the cart when the next Shivlin came to him. Shiv has reached a cart to protect the shivlin from falling from the cart. Ananya helped Shiv and both bring Shivlin to their shoulders. Shiv tells everyone not to be afraid, Amar’s strength is not in front of Mahadev’s name. Amar is stuck when the family tightens the circle around it. He fell inside the grave while everyone sang the ‘om namashivaye’. They threw mud to him once again. Ananya and Shiv planted Shivlin above his grave.


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