Dream Girl On Star Life Saturday 2nd April 2022

Dream Girl On Star Life Friday 1st April 2022
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Dream Girl On Star Life Saturday 2nd April 2022: The Episode begins with Karan bringing Ayesha out and requesting that she return his old sister back, he saved her today by lying there, and determines how all he helped her. She stands up to him for sending her to imprison by bogus fault, he knows its Laxmi inside there, not Naina, how might he do this? She says I excuse you for this, there is no brother and sister now, we are adversaries and battle to the level best. He says I will recall this raksha bandhan gift and leaves.

She cries on the way and says she laments that he needs to change her destiny. She says she won’t leave Laxmi. Samar calls Laxmi and hears her voice. She requests that he say something. He simply hears her voice and sits quiet. She says I will end call. He says I m Samar Sareen. She asks how could he call as of now. He says your voice is like Laxmi. She says I let you know I m not Laxmi. She cries. He says I know, I just called to hear Laxmi’s voice. She prompts him not to demolish his life after anybody’s shadow. He says Laxmi isn’t a shadow, she is reality, sorry to upset you. He closes call. She cries. Zara sharpen lage… … … … … ..plays… … … … .. He takes a few tablets and misleads rest. He thinks where is Laxmi.

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Laxmi comes to Navrang. Karan requests that she be ready and she knows Ayesha and Navrang. Nidhi lets Ayesha know that she has fixed cctv cameras, and when Laxmi turns on AC, there will be short out. Ayesha says great job, I figure your chance to get advanced has come, lets see what Laxmi does now. Nidhi requests that Laxmi come to essayist’s room, and stay there to work. Laxmi figures how did this new room get made here out of nowhere. She goes with Nidhi. Nidhi shows her the room and gives AC remote to her.

Dream Girl On Star Life Saturday 2nd April 2022: Ayesha thinks for what reason is she not turning on AC and watches out for her. Laxmi thinsk whats here that Ayesha did and reviews Abhimanyu’s words. She glances around to find anything surprising and sees the window box. Ayesha figures Laxmi can’t track down it. Manav comes and advises Nidhi to assemble everybody for the conference. Ayesha sees the video feed and expresses come on, follow through with something. Laxmi gets up. Nidhi comes and requests that Ayesha come, Manav is calling her.

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Ayesha figures she can go, as its getting recorded, and everybody will see when Laxmi races to save her life. The blossom jar falls and Laxmi gets it. She steps on the camera and believes Ayesha’s arrangement fizzled and grins. Ayesha comes to meet Manav and he tells about his image underwriting.

Dream Girl On Star Life Saturday 2nd April 2022: She sits with the staff in the gathering. Laxmi feels hot and thinks to on AC, She takes more time to turn on the AC. Laxmi stops and figures Ayesha will come to see her now, and she has done arrangements to invite Ayesha. Ayesha says would I be able to simply proceed to answer a few dire messages. Manav says its fine. Ayesha proceeds to see the dark screen, somebody has done altering camera, I need to proceed to check. Ayesha goes to Laxmi’s lodge and sees the container fallen. She says how is it that she could know it all.

Ayesha is locked inside the room with rodents. Manav helps her in coming out, and asks who has done this. Ayesha faults Laxmi. Laxmi acts blameless.


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