Geet May 2022 Teasers

Geet Teasers - June 2022
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Geet May 2022 Teasers: Daman gets a costly ring from Radhika. Geet and Maan are glad to see their arrangement working. Maan advises Geet to carry Beeji to Radhika’s room when she is with Daman. Peruse geet May 2022 Teasers

Geet May 2022 Teasers

Sunday first May 2022

Tej plots against Maan and calls a cop to his home. Be that as it may, the police officer goes out when he understands Maan is a persuasive individual. In the interim, Tej feels powerless and is irate about it. Geet calls Maan to meet her on the patio as she needs to talk about something significant. In the mean time, Preeto calls Lucky to the storeroom around evening time. Afterward, Lucky sees Geet going toward the patio and missteps her to be Preeto.

Monday second May 2022

Geet and Maan find out about Lucky and Preeto’s relationship. Maan urges Lucky to propose to Preeto and sends him to meet her. Geet flies off the handle at Maan for sending Lucky, as he was to go to Patiala on Beeji’s directions. Beeji sees Preeto and Lucky together and slaps him. Afterward, Jugnu hears Lucky’s discussion with Preeto and lets everybody know that Lucky is wanting to end it all. What is the purpose for his choice?

Tuesday third May 2022
Geet and Pammi talk with Beeji about Lucky’s choice to end it all with Beeji. Maan sees Lucky attempting to swing from a rope and thrashes him. Yet, Lucky lets him know that he was simply fixing the fan. In the mean time, Dev and Nandini meet Daman. Geet converses with Preeto’s folks about Lucky and Preeto’s adoration. Preeto’s future spouse finds out about this and blows up. He challenges Lucky to a wrestling match and says that the victor will get Preeto.

Wednesday fourth May 2022
Maan sends Dev and Nandini to Patiala instead of Lucky. They meet Daman on their way and their closeness makes Dev miserable. In the interim, Lucky plans for the battle with Maan’s assistance. Will Lucky dominate the game?

Thursday fifth May 2022
Beeji resents Lucky for not going to Patiala and goes against his relationship with Preeto. Fortunate moves in with Maan, yet feels awful for leaving Beeji. He then settles on his marriage. What is the choice? Fortunate returns to Beeji and tells her that he will try sincerely and do right by her vibe. Maan keeps away from Geet when she attempts to converse with him. During the evening, Nandini requests that Maan come to the veranda as she needs to talk about something.

Friday sixth May 2022

Geet sings a melody for Maan and apologizes to him. In the interim, Beeji plans to sell her property so she can repurchase the house from Maan. Geet attempts to stop Beeji yet without much of any result. Afterward, Dev feels that Daman is definitely not a decent person.Nandini and Daman are in a café. A young lady comes and charges Daman that he wedded her and took off with the endowment. Nandini is stunned and runs home crying. Dev comes clean to the family.

Saturday seventh May 2022
Daman’s folks let the family know that he is guiltless. The young lady, who criticized Daman, presently agrees with his stance and says that Dev made all the show. Beeji blows up with Dev and Maan for meddling in their life. Geet sees Naina in Daman’s home and is stunned. She meets Maan and requests that he stay back to help her uncover Daman. Afterward, Maan surrenders the property papers to Beeji and inquires as to whether he can remain till Nandini’s marriage.

Sunday eighth || Geet May 2022 Teasers

Dev and Nandini accommodate their disparities. Nandini sees Dev is concealing something from her. In the mean time, Dev needs to leave Amritsar, yet Maan stops him. He guarantees Dev that he won’t allow Daman to wed Nandini. Geet sees Maan conversing with Radhika and advises him to avoid her. In the interim, Maan tells Lucky to approach Daman with the goal that he can meet Radhika in private. Radhika goes to the washroom and meets Daman.

Monday ninth May 2022
Daman gets a costly ring from Radhika. Geet and Maan are glad to see their arrangement working. Maan advises Geet to carry Beeji to Radhika’s room when she is with Daman.

Tuesday tenth May 2022
Adi and Dev, camouflaged as Radhika’s family, come to fix Dev’s marriage with her. Fortunate additionally attempts to dazzle Radhika by wearing western garments. The fresh insight about Radhika’s wedding significantly disturbs Daman. Radhika admits to Maan her desire to wed Daman, which he hears. Daman’s mom believes him should wed Radhika. Maan, Geet, and Adi praise each other for tricking Daman and his folks.

Wednesday eleventh May 2022
Dev’s mustache falls while getting away from Jugnu and everybody remembers him. Afterward, Maan shows a video in which Daman communicates his affection for Radhika. Maan needs to call the police, yet Tej stops him. Beeji demands getting Daman and his folks captured. She says thanks to Maan and Geet for their approval. Afterward, Tej apologizes to Maan for his way of behaving and acknowledges Pammi. Maan shares his craving of having a kid with Geet.

Thursday twelfth May 2022
Nandini lets Dev know that she is appreciative to him, Maan, and Geet for saving her life. Dev sees that Nandini is upset and he reassures her. She recuperates and gets back to be her lively self. Beeji is upset to realize that Maan and Geet are getting back to Delhi. Whenever Geet requests that Nandini go along, Lucky workers to go. Indeed, even Jugnu needs to go to Delhi to open his criminal investigator office.

Friday thirteenth || Geet May 2022 Teasers
Maan, Geet, Dev, Nandini, and Lucky leave for Delhi. On the way, Geet and Maan attempt to call Dadi Ma however understand that both of their telephones are separated. Maan additionally figures out his ATM card has been obstructed. Maan believes that Geet should see the site of his new pursuit. After arriving at there, they observe that the venture has been closed down and he isn’t permitted inside the premises. Afterward, Adi takes them to the emergency clinic to meet Dadi Ma.

Saturday fourteenth May 2022
Dev illuminates Nandini that his mom will visit them. Maan discovers that Parminder has assumed control over his domain. He additionally gets a note saying he ought to leave Delhi. Maan surrenders Khurana Constructions to Parminder and Dev. He requests that Adi take care of Dadi Ma. In any case, Parminder takes steps to kill Adi except if he leaves.

Sunday fifteenth May 2022
Parminder tells Dev that Geet and Maan are remaining at the guesthouse. Dev advises Parminder that he doesn’t wish to get hitched. Adi uncovers to Dev reality with regards to his mom’s illicit control of Khurana developments. At the point when Dev questions Parminder about the unlawful takeover of Khurana Constructions, she requests his absolution and consents to apologize to Geet and Maan. Maan rejects Geet’s proposal of taking some work and starts to search for a task.

Monday sixteenth May 2022
Shivani endeavors to fool Komolika into uncovering her genuine personality while Anurag feels defensive of Prerna’s child. Afterward, he hits the dance floor with Komolika at a Sangeet. While Geet begins showing kids free of charge, Maan prevails with regards to getting the venture he was looking for. A client called Bhatia doesn’t give the venture to Maan on Parminder’s requests.

Tuesday seventeenth May 2022
While the legal counselor recommends Parminder take Maan’s composed assent for giving over of business, Dev is glad that Maan met Bhatia. While Geet is glad that her occupation is super durable. Fortunate becomes mindful of Pammi’s expectation of keeping Savitri Devi oblivious. Dev and Adi leave for Rohtak to get back Geet and Maan. Maan finds out about Pammi’s wrongdoings and leaves for Delhi. Will Maan face Pammi?

Wednesday eighteenth May 2022
While Dev, Nandini, and Lucky take the police to meet Savitri Devi, Pammi figures out how to get Maan under her authority. While Maan’s appearance is anticipated, Geet gets a call from Pammi and requests that she go along. While Pammi cautions Geet to stay quiet about Maan’s hijacking, Dev and Adi catch wind of the following of Maan’s vehicle. Maan escapes from authority and arrives at the Golden Temple. A man sees him and takes him to a dispensary.

Thursday nineteenth May 2022
Pammi takes shots at Geet yet harms Dev all things considered. The police capture Pammi. Geet arrives at the Golden Temple where she appeals to God for Maan’s security. Whenever Maan blacks out at the Golden Temple Dispensary. In the wake of petitioning God for his expedient recuperation, Geet goes to the emergency clinic to see Maan. While the attendant illuminates her that he is in the ICU, the specialist tells her that Maan has been

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