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Geet Teasers – August 2022

Geet Teasers - August 2022
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Monday 1 August 2022

Episode 440


Reena inconveniences Dev and Lucky once more. Geet tracks down a gift on the porch and contemplates whether Maan has send it. Be that as it may, she detects somebody’s presence, frenzies and loses the gift.

Episode 441

Geet gets a bouquet from Maan. In any case, she is stressed over the obscure individual. Returning home, the vehicle stalls and it sorts out ‘all alone’ while she goes looking for a studio.

Tuesday 2 August 2022

Episode 442

Geet is frightened with the questionable things occurring with her. She calls up Maan, yet can’t break through to him, as he is at the air terminal. Geet attempts to discuss it to Dev and Lucky, however they appear to be lost in their own universes.

Episode 443

Reena uncovers reality before Nandini and Prito. Maan returns from London to astound Geet, who is following the obscure individual. She gets frightened seeing her image in the obscure individual’s home, and calls Maan.


Wednesday 3 August 2022


Episode 444

Reena is taken into police authority. Maan acts the hero, and she educates him regarding being trailed by somebody. Maan is angry to be familiar with this. Afterward, he chooses to observe Geet’s birthday.

Episode 445

Despite the fact that Maan guarantees of Geet’s wellbeing, the whole family is stressed over her, and needs to drop the birthday festivities. In the interim, Geet gets a call from the obscure individual, Vikram, who says that he would before long meet her.

Thursday 4 August 2022

Episode 446


Maan orchestrates tight security for Geet’s birthday celebration. In the interim, Geet gets a call from Vikram, and she gets tense. Maan sees one of his staff restricted, and becomes acquainted with that Vikram is answerable for his state.

Episode 447

Maan gets enraged on reviewing his involvement in Vikram. Adi requests that Maan come to office. Maan leaves for work requesting that Dev and Lucky deal with Geet. Afterward, Dev gets a call illuminating him about Nandini’s mishap.


Friday 5 August 2022

Episode 448

Geet is damaged by Vikram’s presence. Maan converses with Geet via telephone, and surges back home. Vikram lets Geet know that he has been cherishing her since adolescence. Afterward, Vikram calls up Maan, and undermines him that he will remove Geet.

Episode 449

The official shows up at the Khurana home, and offers to assist Maan with getting Vikram by tapping their telephones. Afterward, Maan goes to Vikram’s home, and sees Geet’s photos.

Monday 8 August 2022

Episode 450

Maan and Vikram participate in a fight. Vikram hits Maan on his head and the last option goes oblivious. Geet, Dev and Lucky find Maan draining and takes him to a specialist. Maan is vexed as he was unable to keep up his commitment.

Episode 451

Nandini stresses over the security of Maan and Geet and recommends that Dev take up the obligations at the workplace. Vikram calls Geet and compromises her that he would kill Maan. Afterward, he calls Maan and lets him know that he would kill Dev.

Tuesday 9 August 2022

Episde 452

Vikram ties up Dev, and focuses to kill Maan. Dev learns Vikram’s ploy, and saves Maan. Geet hears Dev and Nandini’s discussion, and it disturbs her. Afterward, she gets a call from Vikram, who says that he wouldn’t irritate her ever, in the event that she meets him once.


Episode 453


Vikram comes to the Khurana Residence, camouflaged as a circuit repairman. He slips into Geet’s room and leaves a gift for her. In any case, Maan perceives Vikram. Later Geet calls up Vikram and lets him know she will figure out the individual who left the gift there.


Wednesday 10 August 2022


Episode 454


Vikram calls up Geet and illuminates her about their gathering place. Geet is stressed over how she will leave the house before Maan. In the interim, Vikram gets fretful to meet Geet. Geet figures out how to slip away the house and arrive at the gathering point.


Episode 455


Maan accompanies the police and safeguards Geet from Vikram. Be that as it may, Vikram figures out how to get away. Afterward, at the Khurana house, Geet gets a CD from Vikram.


Thursday 11 August 2022


Episode 456


Maan has one or two glaring doubts about Vikram’s passing. Seeing Maan and Geet cheerful, Nandini proposes to send them on a vacation. In the mean time, a more unusual comes to their home looking for a task.


Episode 457


Maan gets a call from office. As Geet goes out alone, Vikram follows her. Afterward, she sees Vikram in a veil and confuses him with Maan. She gets stunned when Vikram eliminates his cover. In the interim, Maan is captured.


Friday 12 August 2022


Episode 458


Geet attempts to deliver Maan, however Vikram stops her. He takes shots at Maan and removes Geet. The relatives get to know about Maan’s basic condition, and he is raced to the clinic. Maan goes through a medical procedure, while Geet recovers her cognizance.


Episode 459


The Khurana family anticipates Maan to recover cognizance. Fortunate sees Vikram and illuminates Nandini that he isn’t dead. Nandini and Preeto are stunned to see Maan missing. Geet escapes from Vikram’s grasp.


Monday 15 August 2022


Episode 460


Vikram searches for Geet, yet she takes off from him. Fortunate gets saved by the police. In the interim, a harmed Maan chases after Geet. Vikram tracks down a path, and follows it to arrive at Geet.


Episode 461


The police alongwith Maan look for Geet in the wilderness. The police find Vikram’s dead body lying out and about. Maan and Geet at long last see as one another. In the interim, Nandini misses Dev and talks about her thoughts with Preeto.


Tuesday 16 August 2022


Episode 462


Preeti feels that Lucky is disregarding her. Seeing Geet and Maan together, Preeto attempts to definitely stand out. Notwithstanding, Lucky neglects to figure out it, and keeps himself occupied.


Episode 463


Geet is shocked when Maan tells her that office has been moved to the house. In the interim, Lucky attempts to dazzle Preeto. Nonetheless, he neglects to satisfy her, as Jugnu ruins his amazements.


Wednesday 17 August 2022


Episode 464


Geet gets bothered with Maan, as he neglects to focus on his work. In the mean time, Maan plans a vacation trip, and requests that Geet stay quiet about it. Preeto asks Lucky to design something unprecedented to intrigue her.


Episode 465


Geet and Maan plan their special first night, yet conceal it from Preeto. Afterward, when Lucky goes out, Jugnu and Preeto follow him. Geet and Maan additionally land in a similar inn, and Geet’s sack gets traded.


Thursday 18 August 2022


Episode 466


Preeto follows Lucky trusting that she can find him in the act with the other lady. In the interim, Lucky adorns the whole space to amaze her. Nandini additionally arrives up in similar lodging and sees Geet. Nandini illuminates Dev about Maan and Geet’s outing.


Episode 467


Maan beautifies the room with candles to plan for his date, and Geet goes overboard. Fortunate and Preeto shift the dead body to Nandini’s room. Nandini shouts uproariously, and draws in the consideration of Geet and Maan.


Friday 19 August 2022


Episode 468


Tipsy Jugnu chases after the executioner, while Dev and Nandini shifts the dead body to his room. Afterward, Nandini finds Preeto and Lucky in the act. Subsequently, Geet tracks down the dead body before her room, and shouts noisily.


Episode 469


It’s Geet and Maan’s commemoration, and he showers flower petals on her, while the whole family trusts that the couple will begin the festivals. Everybody wishes Maan and Geet, and asks what gifts they got. Afterward, Maan requests that Geet track down her astonishment.


Episode 470

Series finale


Geet gets a support as the gift, and shockingly, Geet gifts him exactly the same thing and lets him know that she is pregnant. The family is very cheerful, and anticipates the appearance of the new part in the house. Days pass, and Geet is prepared to convey a child.

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