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Guddan On Zee One Friday 18th March 2022

Scene 1
Guddan On Zee One Friday 18th March 2022: Antra is in the police van. she blacks out. Reviewer actually looks at her. She takes his weapon and says escape the van. He gets out whatever are you doing. Antra says put your firearms down. Antra says Guddan your annihilation is returning.
AJ is cooking Dadi says after so lengthy you are this cheerful. He says I am making this nut cake for her. I realize this distance will disappear. Dadi says all inconveniences are disappeared from you both.

Antra says disappear from the vehicle. Limit each other’s options. She shoots in the air. Antra sits in the jeep and leaves. Inspecotr illuminates at station.
Dadi says see gudan what aj made. AJ says I made this for you. Guddan tastes it. He says how is it? She says it is great. much obliged to you for all the work.

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Guddan On Zee One Friday 18th March 2022: Dadi says see everything is great between both of you. I need both of you to give me a main successor. Gudddan says I need to take off from this house. Dadi says why? All is great at this point. We fouled up however allow us another opportunity. Guddan says there shouldn’t be broken glass and broken trust in the house. He ought to have made khichdi. I’m an unfortunate young lady and he is a rich person. Our distance can never be decreased. She goes for her pack and strolls out.

AJ lies before Guddan. He says you need to step on me to leave. I won’t move from here. Guddan says get up. Move from here. He says I will not. Guddan says we made an arrangement that I will take off from this house. I excused you however I can’t acknowledge yu in my life. I can’t do this. I can’t acknowledge you as my significant other at this point. Try not to compel me. It’s about conditions. I can’t survive without you. a couple are two wheels of a cycle. I’m not incredible like you. Guddan says I need to go at this point. She leaves. Guddan says bid farewell.

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Durga you need to deal with this house. I realize you will do it effectively. AJ holds her hand a says please. Guddan leaves his hand. Guddan leaves. Dadi says antra left however she is as yet tormenting the satisfaction of this house. My girl left today.

Guddan On Zee One Friday 18th March 2022: AJ sits upset. Durga comes to him and says not eating won’t transform it. She left as a result of you. You would never adored her enough. You can’t sit like a defeatist. I regard you. I’m just saying truth. she showed her affection to you without fail. Presently she needed to take off from this house. How should you not stop her. AJ says I truly love her. I can demonstrate it. Durga says show this affection to her. Kindly take her back to this house. Laxmi says OK we are both with you. Assessor comes and tells AJ Antra has escaped.


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