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Guddan On Zee One Wednesday 16th March 2022

Guddan update On Zee One Monday 28th March 2022
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Scene 1
Guddan On Zee One Wednesday 16th March 2022: Guddan says you committed an error in your exaggerating. she hit her head and she has swooned. Dadi gets out whatever could we do now? Gudan says she would open eyes and admit.
Antra opens eyes in a morgue. She shouts. Honda comes to her and says I rule here.

Antra says don’t draw close to me. He says I did you did to your sibling and me. You’re dead. antra says I can’t pass on. He says I have killed you as of now. Antra shouts. AJ says attempt to walk assuming you’re alive. You are dead. SHe can’t move. He says check out there are dead bodies as it were. Antra says this can’t occur. He says admit your wrongdoings before you take a hike. Antra says nobody can kill me.

She says I killed my sibling and you. You can do nothing. Demise can’t come without my authorization. AJ snickers. Lights go off. Guddan and everybody come there. antra expresses out loud whatever is this.
Guddan turns on lights. It is their home. Guddan says you said God can do nothing to you. Your self image brought you here. Entire world will see your malevolent face no. Your admission is recorded. Presently I have all the confirmation to send you to imprison. You took my family, my better half killed Rawat.

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You will pay for your transgressions. My God is with me. Presently your entire life would be your prison. Antra gets out whatever are all of you doing. Get me out of here. This Guddan is lying. Guddan says you are alive and you will carry on with your life in prison. Antra says mama kindly assistance me. Gudan says how could anybody help you? They are my family and with me. I have confirmation against you. AJ removes his facial hair. Antra says AJ you..

Guddan On Zee One Wednesday 16th March 2022: Saru says for what reason are you doing this. Laxmi discharges her. she says you acn go at this point. Saru says that implies antra is gotten. She is such a difficulty. Durga slaps her and says would you say you are insane? She requested that we let you go. Antra has admitted. Saru coms ground floor and says I was going to let you know AJ and Honda are same individual.

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AJ says antra we have every one of the evidences. You will imprison. We have your admission. Antra says ths is Hodna.. This can’t be valid. How are you all with Guddan? Today is my haldi. Everybody remains with Guddan. aJ says we were all with Guddan and will constantly be. AJ says I was there in elderly person’s place to wed Guddan. We tricked ou with the honda thing. You admitted your wrongdoing.

Guddan On Zee One Wednesday 16th March 2022: Guddan says congrats. You are standing at this point. ntra says I won’t leave you. She slaps guddan. AJ pushes her hand and says I am with my Guddan. I’m with her. I won’t ever rehash my slip-up. I’m with Guddan and will continuously be. Antra says you will all compensation for tricking me. Dadi slaps her and says you broke our trust. We gave you love and regard. She slaps her and says thsi is for my Guddan’s affront. She slaps her again and says this is for isolating my Guddan and AJ.


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