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Guddan update On Zee One Saturday 9th April 2022

Guddan June Teasers 2022 On Zee One
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Scene 1
Guddan update On Zee One Saturday 9th April 2022: Perv says Alisha is arranging something significant. I planned to tell you. She took AJ’s firearm. She needs to kill Vikrant and pin it on AJ. I would assume control over the entirety of his abundance. AJ would be in prison forever.

This is the thing you needed right? One shot and three lives. Revati says I let you know she is arranging something significant. Perv says I concealed the weapon. Guddan can never track down it. Laxmi comes and gets out whatever weapon would you say you were discussing? On the off chance that you’re assisting Alisha, you with willing endure. Guddan won’t allow her to do this transgression. Revati says it would be amusing to watch. Regardless of whether Alisha win she will be so awful. Perv says we need to cut Laxmi’s wings too.

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Laxmi tells Guddan. Guddan says this Perv, he can never show signs of change. Guddan says I can’t allow Alisha to do this. Dadi says Guddan, we are hanging tight for the rings. Guddan comes ground floor. She says I need to watch out for Alisha. Dadi says Guddan give the ring. Guddan gives the ring to Vikrant. Lights go off. AJ requests that workers proceed to check. Alisha remains behind AJ and puts the firearm on Vikrant.

Guddan turns on electric lamps. Laxmi says this was guddan’s thought. She believes that all the light should be on Vikrant. Guddan told Laxmi we need to keep a focus on Virant. Alisha won’t shoot in light before everybody. Vikrant says bhabhi you come in spotlight too. Vikrant makes the young lady wear the rin. Everyoene applauds. Revati says this Guddan made Alisha’s arrangement flop.

Guddan update On Zee One Saturday 9th April 2022: Alisha comes to her room. she breaks things out of frustration. Guddan says be happy that I halted you. Is it true that you are insane? This would demolish your life. You planned to kill a blameless man., Alisha says I have 24 hours. I will execute my arrangement in a moment. Be ready to lose tomorrow.

Guddan says I won’t allow you to do this. Alisha says you won’t have the option to do anything. I will get my payback. Guddan says I won’t allow you to turn into a killer. This is guarantee of a mother. Guddan leaves.

Scene 2
The haldi work begins. Vikrant and the lady of the hour come to the lobby. Everybody appreciates and do the haldi rasam. Dadi asks Kishor. He says I would rather not be important for any capacity. Laxmi spills haldi on Alisha’s dress. Alisha says would you be able to see. Dadi says it’s OK. Laxmi tells Alisha I know how to keep you close to me.

Alisha gets out whatever are you saying. Laxmi says AJ and Guddan haven’t arrived so you can’t fault them. Alisha says that won’t prevent me from killing Vikrant. Laxmi says I have my eyes on you. Guddan won’t allow you to win.

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AJ expresses out loud whatever happened Guddan? For what reason would we say we are at the rooftop? Guddan says I needed to let you know something. AJ expresses out loud whatever is it? Tell me. You’re concealing something.

Guddan says I missed our haldi. We would never have a legitimate capacity. So I figured we can do our haldi. AJ says I was thinking something similar. Guddan puts haldi all over. AJ says everybody should think where we are? Guddan says when did you begin thinking often about individuals? Guddan says I will apply haldi. AJ says I need to go.

Guddan update On Zee One Saturday 9th April 2022: Guddan says I won’t release you ground floor. AJ says why? AJ and guddan play with hadli. Dadi says would we be able to go ground floor and give time to the real lucky man? AJ says we are coming. Guddan says clean this first. He says OK. AJ goes first floor. Guddan says how might I prevent him from going to the capacity.


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