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Guddan update On Zee One Thursday 7th April 2022

Guddan June Teasers 2022 On Zee One
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Scene 1
Guddan update On Zee One Thursday 7th April 2022: Alisha says very much like you called my mother’s demise a mishap, Vikrant will bite the dust as well. From AJ’s hand. Guddan says how might you do that? how might you consider murder? Alisha says AJ will do that. I will not. AJ said he will do everything at the wedding himself. Save your better half and his companion if possible. Guddan says are you insane. What was Vikran’s passing? Alisha gets out whatever was my mother’s misstep? Vikrant will bite the dust and AJ will be faulted for it. You can’t stop it. Alisha leaves. Guddan says before it’s past the point of no return I need to tell AJ everything.

Dadi tells AJ you thinking? He says thinking regarding Alisha. Guddan figures we can win her with affection. Yet, how? How might we welcome her on the correct way? Dadi says once in a while wounds are profound to the point that they become your part. Antra raised Alisha. So she gained everything from her.

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AJ says I will not have the option to excuse her assuming she does another slip-up. I can’t let her damage my loved ones. She has just a single last possibility. Assuming she does another slip-up I will request that she leave. Dadi says can you live without her? Guddan hears this. Guddan says he will show Alisha out of the house assuming I tell him. I need to diffuse Alisha’s arrangement.

Guddan awakens Alisha. Alisha says for what reason would you say you are destroying my rest? Guddan says I can’t rest how might you? I need to make an arrangement with you? You need to kill Vikrant and separate me and AJ. Do anything you desire however in the event that you lose this time, you should dispose of this indignation.

Alisha says you can’t overcome me. Guddan says everybody realizes I can do anything I desire. We should make this arrangement. Alisha says you can’t make it happen. Guddan says leave that. Acknowledge the arrangement. Alisha says OK. Alisha says leave now.

Scene 2
Guddan comes to Durga and says I got your organic products. I realize you really want them in pregnancy. Durga says don’t have to do this. Anything I desired to accomplish for my child, I can’t do that here. Guddan says I can get you yet what you did was off-base. Durga says a great deal on the off chance that off-base yet we should not discuss all that. I would have rather not hurt anybody.

Guddan says I don’t believe that your youngster should endure with you. A youngster merits a positive climate. I don’t maintain that him should experience like Alisha. I will get you out of here in light of your kid. This is my guarantee. Remain solid, I will come here. Guddan leaves.

Guddan update On Zee One Thursday 7th April 2022; Vikrant comes. He expresses out loud whatever is this? Dadi says these are your rings. You are our child. We have done so off-base to you. you merit this. Laxmi shows him rings. He says would we be able to eliminate this sorry board. I would rather not remember that occurrence. Dadi requests that Laxmi eliminate that board.

Alisha shares with Durga this will not be alive till his wedding. Guddan says shut up. Alisha says you won’t track down that sign. It’s elsewhere. I will kill him. Would it be a good idea for me to shoot him in the heart? AJ has a firearm. That firearm isn’t there any longer.

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Guddan runs higher up and checks AJ’s storeroom. The weapon isn’t there. Alisha says for what reason would you say you are fooling around? Guddan says this isn’t correct Alisha. Where could the weapon be? Alisha says track down it. Guddan says stop it. Alisha says you said you can do anything. Alisha says now assuming that Vikrant passes on from this firearm, AJ would go to prison. AJ comes and expresses out loud whatever is this? Is it true or not that you are tracking down something? Guddan says my hoops.

Guddan update On Zee One Thursday 7th April 2022: Alisha puts the firearm on Perv. He shouts and expresses out loud whatever are you doing. Alisha chuckles and says would you say you were really a cop? She says I won’t kill you. Conceal this firearm. It’s vital for me. I will accomplish something important this evening.
AJ says is there an issue? Did Alisha say anything? Guddan says no what might she say? AJ says your eyes can’t mislead me. Guddan says OK my eyes say I love you. AJ says let me know what’s up. Guddan says plan for the wedding. He leaves. Guddan says on the off chance that I tell you, you won’t allow Alisha to live here. She can’t turn into a killer like her mother.

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