How To Make You Computer Easy To Operate.

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The main reason technology came was to make life and things easier for mankind most people have forgetting that technology was made for us and not the other way round.

In this blog post, we are going to expose our audience to the various ways you set your computer system and make very easier to be accessed by even a layman.

Be it apple computer, notebook, desktops, or the common pc. it very excruciating that, most people have formed the habit of over customizing their computer, instead of deploying means to make it very much easier for a layman to understand and operate and this has made the operation of computers very difficult.

In my own entire experience in life, I have observed that making my system text font bold.
Increasing contrast and brightness of my PC has made operating my system easy for me to operate with less stress
It is obvious that all the customizing options are made by default for security purposes and to make the computer look smart and sharp, but nowadays people now use these options to hide their contents even for their fellow trusted computer users.

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They use it to privatize their actions on their PC instead of email back their important files the make the computer so difficult for the newbie to operate.
This discourages many people from learning how to makes use of the computer every easy for their use.

It has updated from time memorial that people who are always deeply rooted in the operation of the computer system is the Americans these include:
The software programmers,
The web designers,
The graphic designers, the developers, and the hackers, Ethical hackers.

This is because they have the knowledge
How To Make Your Computer Easy To Operate.
First, we are going to expose you about,


This is to teach how to display your text for easy readability.
This involves the text font size and the font style, boldness, and mode of display.
It also involves changing text size in your computer browser

such as the chrome by using the mouse to select the + option or making use of the keyboard CLTr + or CLT- to enhance easy view on your browser so that the eyes won’t be overstressed while trying to read information.

this is very important during coding and programming because codes are sometimes and displayed by default very tiny so it is advised to increase the text size of your browser for the eyes to be able to see the codes to avoid wrong coding.

Modify the settings in your PC too:

This includes increasing the brightness and contrast,
Alter the sizes and the color of the font style, make it very convenient for the eye.
Because some colors irritate the eyes this makes it very impossible for a user to stay longer in using your computer.
Use colors such as black, blue,
Red, yellow, etc are very harsh to the eye the make you shed tears while reading with the PC the computer.

Alter the size of the mouse indicator,
Altering the size of the headers on your browser magnifies them.


The audio part of the computer system simply comprises the sound system, the vocal option of the computer which commands the speaker to either speak louder or not.

This includes,
Display the volume switch locating the on and off switch.
Display it on the taskbar of your computer to enable a use see it very fast,
This involves the increasing and the adjustment knobs.
Adjust the volume to at least a moderate point.

Keyboard mouse:

The keyboard mouse is one of the most available in many different styles now but the most important is to regulate the movement of the pointer.
Lower the speed of the mouse by reducing its sensitivity so its movement won’t be too fast.
Customize your double click to a certain length between clicks.
Set your keyboard to navigate the website instead of the mouse.

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Easy ways to speed up Windows 10:

Windows time is the latest computer window which is more. Faster than the previous computer windows 7 of the computer Microsoft desktop operating system by default.

But you can still optimize it to increase the performance, to run faster by following our following tips.

Uninstall the system crapware:

Some unnecessary crap wares, preinstalled software’s continues to pop up on the computer and always disturbs the current work we are doing on the computer.
You can uninstall this software is by clicking on the software press uninstall your computer.

Run a tune-up utility program:

Utility programs such as the Lolo system mechanics
All these programs can help if your computer refuses to boot fast.
They make use of enhancing tools.
Clean up your disk:
Compact you disk can make your system not function very well especially when you are using the windows 10
Because low storage memory affects the response of a computer using a computer.
Cleaning up files does not entail you to trash files into the recycle being and leave it there because it can stop the speed of your computer program you can dictate that your recycle bin is filled up by its bugling.

Add your Ram:

Are your computer windows 10 malfunctioning because it manages memory more efficiently than earning adding up ram and you can get 8GB high-performance DDR4 RAM for about €60.
Install an SSD Start-up Derive: installing an SSD start-up drive is very important; an external SSD with USB 3.0 can provide you with a good speed boost.

Proper checking of virus and spyware:

The use of anti-malware is advice but don’t forget to also use ant programs because most AV
Has a tracing footprint of on the malware programs.
The above discussed are tips are are ways How To Make You Computer Easy To Operate.
Be it an Apple computer, a desktop computer, or a pc all are necessary to make it easy to operate.






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