How To Pass G.C. E 2021 Without Expo

easons why students fail examinations.
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How to pass G.C.E 2021 without expo

the general certificate examination (G. C. E. ) is a board formed responsible for the organization throughout the state to issue certificate for the following examination.

*General certificate of education examination ordinary level

*General certificate of education advanced level,

*Technical vocation examination intermediate level,

*Technical examination and vocational advanced and professional certificate.

Read and forget what you have covered so far

How to pass G.C.E 2021 

read your books consistently and stop carrying in mind the ones you’ve not read and the ones you’ve covered consecutively because the ones you felt you’ve studied make you reluctant and the ones you’ve not covered makes you worried and get you discouraged So is advice you keep reading and forget thinking about what you are supposed to cover and what you have covered so far.

Don’t follow the voice of masses/

How to pass G.C.E 2021

there is an expression most people make if you can’t win them you join them, do not follow the crowd of people who bears in mind that they cant merit G C E on their own so you won’t behave like them remove your mind of what they think to put it on what you know you can do, believe in yourself.

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Read your past questions:

How to pass G.C.E 2021.

 make use of your Waec and G. C. E  past questions and get familiar with the likely questions that you would encounter this gives you an insight about your exam questions, you can also use those as study references read up those topics very well .and you will build the confidence that you can make your papers.

Identify your most difficult subjects/

How to pass G.C.E 2021

It is something very constant that students are different in the rate of assimilation of courses, way it is proven that no two individuals are the same that is the same application that all student doesn’t have the same brain capacity, likes and dislikes some children understand English very well but not the same with the mathematics that makes them see mathematics as a very difficult subject, while some understand mathematics but the barely know English. It is very different for every student, but the fact is that is the way the brain works, so in every field of study, some subjects are seen as difficult subjects, so those subjects should be identified and given more attention. so they don’t stand as a barrier in your result in my own case I never liked mathematics I saw it as a very difficult subject but I promised myself I will never fail mathematics and focused on it then I made I solve especially math’s past questions very often .and the end I merited it you can also do yours yourself no nut is too hard to crack here.

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Learn to test yourself consecutively/

How to pass G.C.E 2021

Assess your abilities yourself to know how ready you are for the exam that will give the conviction that you can make your exams on your own without expo.

Regulate your time

How to pass G.C.E 2021.

Prioritize your time to make sure you don’t waste time on the wrong things excuse yourself with some irrelevant friends and relationship because it is better to sit with your friends next year than to sit for G . C.E next year use you time let every minute count use them to go through your exam syllables, see G.C.E YouTube videos, study past question.

Set your target of achievement:

You must set a  target on what to do with your time, and what you want to come out with at the end of the exam this has to do with your long term target as well as short term target,

This morning, I will learn to solve the basic G.C . E mathematics question, I will learn how to write an essay, and how to solve comprehension questions. You set them and practice them, score your ability and build your confidence.  Your long-term targets have to do with what you expect as exam outcome, you can say I want to score at least 6 A’S and 3 B’S IN results you set them and work towards them believe me you will come out very successful.


It doesn’t matter if you are doing what orders are doing to pass what matters is that you are doing what you know I right and what you believe you can do.






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