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Scene 1:
Area: Ahil’s haveli
I DO On Zee World Saturday 14th May 2022: Ahil tells sanam that she bombed in the second undertaking as well. Nazia and latif come in asking why this occurred and how. Sanam says that this was only a mishap while she was making food. Phil says that she was mixed up, and that this isn’t a mishap. He inquires as to why didnt she ask anybody, on the off chance that she didn’t know how to work the broiler.

sanam finds shazia gazing at her from stowing away, and she stays shut, while shazia is terrified that she could open her mouth. ahil is furious when sanam tells that she didnt ask anybody. Shazia is astonished. saanam asks him not to stress, as dilshad had advised her to make anything fast so that thge visitors dont go hungry. ahil says that this isnt her dhaba, and that he would need to arrange from outside. he leaves furiously, saying that she lost the second errand as well. Sanam is troubled.

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Afterward, she starts to work in the kitchen energetically. Ahil takes care of his clients and to make them agreeable, he take special care of their sense of taste serving them unfamiliar food. In any case, he is stunned as he finds sanam coming in with her own understanding of the cooking and serving it alongside the pudina chutney. He asks sanam to take it back, while they begin attempting sanam’s food. he is progressively strained and irate at sanam, while his clients taste Sanam’s “undeniably popular” Pudina chutney. they get some information about it, having preferred it, and sanam educates them regarding the great impacts of Pudina chutney, and afterward energetically starts to serve them the remainder of the food, while ahil observes tensedly.

Rehaan is entertained. As they dive in with blade and forks, she requests that they use hands all things being equal, in her feeble english. rehaan is entertained, while ahil is furious and disappointed as well. sanam sees this and asks ahil assuming he might want to eat, or isnt hungry. ahil gives her a curt look. afterward, ahil reproves her for making such modest food.
sanam says that the clients made such great commendations. Ahil says that did as such out of kindness.
Ahil tells her that she dismissed
sanam says that he believed his clients should be cheerful, and what else does he need. he quiets her down and strolls ahead, starting top break the jug. while she is fighting fervently, he breaks the container. He leaves, while she vents out her disappointment at him.

Afterward, latif attempts to give her medications, yet sanam rejects. latif starts to show her dance to occupy sanam and get her feeling great. sanam makes a respectable attempt to quit grinning, while entertained and feeling light and happy. hearing a thump, they stop the music, rehaan tells her that ahil would work really hard in the workplace and someone needs to go to deal with him. sanam says that she would go notwithstanding her sickness, as she would need to satisfy the guarantee and rationale wherein she is here. latif and rehaan hear eagerly.

Afterward, sanam is stuck outside, in the gallery, while ahil is chipping away at his PC, with music headphones connected. thus he can’t

Scene 2:
Area: In the prison
I DO On Zee World Saturday 14th May 2022: Tanveer’s sister and her better half go to meet Tanveer in the prison, expressing that due to sanam, nazia’s life was saved. She tells about nazia’s excess, and how sanam saved her. tanveer is strained. tanveer feels that ahil didnt inform her concerning sanam, the new cook, and that this is the initial time, ahil had neglected to tell her this. She gets some information about her experience. They tell that they dont know. tanveer says that she doesnt care about her childhood, yet is harmed regarding the reason why ahil concealed this. He says that he didnt stow away, yet probably neglected. Tanveer lets them know that they shouldnt neglect, thart she should have a deep understanding of this young lady. Tanveer, in her cell ponders who this young lady, sanam is. She feels that she would need to figure out the whole history about this young lady. they leave. Tanveer is strained.

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Scene 3:
Area: out and about
Asma, in her vehicle, tracks down her parents in law’s strolling out and about and stops the vehicle. she welcomes them and asks how are they here. he proclaims that he came to meet here. she asks who were they meeting here. He concocts some generous rationalization, and asma praises them. they make a reason that their cash is done, and they can’t give medications to the advanced age individuals. Asma provides them with a heap of notes and they are really satisfied.

Scene 4:
Area: Munisa’s haveli
Munisa is glad to hear that sanam got cheerfully positioned in bhopal, when dilshad tells her. Munisa demands her to make breakfast for her significant other, and furthermore beware of him, with regards to why he didnt come and is so late. dilshad resignedly goes along. as her significant other comes being a tease in, dilshad is awkward. Dilshad is totally awkward with his obtrusive sentiment and being a tease. munisa tells about dilshad’s condition, and furthermore how haya will be here. he heartily grins blissful at the possibility. Dilshad says that its just a question of certain days, and afterward she would be out. However, he tells her that she can remain as long as she needs. She lets him know that haya is 22 years of age in particular, and starts discussing her guiltlessly, while insidious thoughts start to trim in his mind, and he begins prodding additionally that sister by marriage is half spouse as it were. Dilshad is amazed.

scene 5:
Area: Ahil’s office
Sanam deals with ahil in the workplace, while ahil clearly observes that she is unwell, while working with his representatives. He requests that him representative pass on the papers to check in the evening, and illuminate the guard too that he will burn the midnight oil. While she is going to nap off, ahil orders for espresso. in her sluggish state, she unintentionally spills the espresso on his hand and his reports as well. He flies off the handle while she is sorry proufsely refering to her ailment, yet he takes her by the hand, and closes her out in the balconyof his office. Ahil leaves frustratedly to get new duplicates of the reports. In the mean time, the guard comes in and finding noone in the workplace, he locks the entryway of the overhang, and strolls off.

I DO On Zee World Saturday 14th May 2022: Ahil comes in with earphones and can’t hear when she requests the way to be opened. she resignedly plunks down, while proceeding to look at ahil with the goal that he seesd her once. She is wiped out and dosages off with her head on the windshield. Afterward, sanam is stuck outside, in the overhang, while ahil is chipping away at his PC, with music headphones connected. subsequently he can’t hear sanam’s frnatic request, as it pours felines and canines outside, and she is soaked in the downpour, and shuddering in cold. the screen freezes all over.

Precap: Ahil hastily surges in to open the entryway, culpability ridden and astounded, while a doused sanam faces her and afterward falls oblivious and implodes in his arms. He takes her and gets her inside, in his arms.


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