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Area: Ayan’s home

I Do On Zee World Sunday 19th December 2021:Razia says that assuming the children and their parenst concur, how could rashid’s mom object. She says that she wouldnt let ayan be constrained into a marriage without his assent. Razia answers that she would be the best individual to be aware of constrained relations since rashid himself is associated with one with shirin. She proceeds to recall what incline toward she and her significant other have done over the course of the years in delivering rashid name and popularity in the general public. She says that razia never allows her to fail to remember this. Yet, she could never let ayan be associated with a connection where there is no affection. Razia weights on the way that ayan too loves humaira and that maujaan himself would declare ayan and humaira’s marriage. She is delivered dumbfounded at the notice of mamujaan by razia.

Scene 2:
Area: Asad’s home
Asad gets a call from someone who lets him know that feroz ansari moved to Bhopal 3 years back from Allahbad. He advises the individual to discover more with regards to the overseer and drops the call. He recalls ayan letting him know that haseena excessively hailed from allahbad and that when he left from Haseena’s home that day, feroz knew. He is overwhelmed by the association.

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Scene 3:
Area: Ayan’s home
Rashid is drawn nearer by his mom asking him the justification behind his flurry in ayan and humaira’s commitment without asking ayan. Raashid says that he needed to yet didnt get the time and furthermore thought seeing their connection, imagined that he wouldnt mind. His mom says that she knows without a doubt that ayan doesnt love humaira in light of the fact that she would have known then, at that point. She inquires as to whether he truly needs his child to be trapped in a cold marriage. Rashid says with discouragement that mamujaan is to report it this evening. she says that she would oppose and attempt to stop him. while going higher up, razia meets shirin and inquires as to whether nikhat is prepared and that she doesnt need anything more to turn out badly now. Shirin proceeds to keep an eye on nikhat while razia trusts that the function goes calmly so her little girl’s life additionally gets settled.

Scene 4:
Area: Asad’s home
Zoya comes and finding asad too there, she starts to act extremely appropriate and attempting to dazzle him, begins saying that she wouldnt say anything to anybody regarding her large confidential however she says that she has a deep understanding of who comes to his room and why. Asad is frightened. He asks how, she says that she caught his discussion. She likewise excitedly offers to help him in his tasks by getting information or in any event, taking care of business in camouflage as he’sa awesome entertainer. She says that she can b of incredible assistance to him. She sys that she felt terrible however that he has stayed quiet about this from dilshad and that is eh can help him in that as well. Asad attempts to get his phoen from his jacket making zoya imagine that he’s taaking his weapon out. She is frightened and escapes from that point not having any desire to outrage him at all.

Scene 5:
Area: Ayan’s home
Rashid’s mom sees nikhat and remarks that she’s developed slender taking pressure to search useful for her marriage. Nikaht is prodded by nuzrat and humaira for the sake of imran. shirin comes and agrees with nikhat’s position saying that she for sure is looking bful and furthermore asks rashid to investigate who’s remaining in the entryway. He comes in and is enthusiastic and says that time and circumstances might change, yet a dad little girl connection won’t ever do. He proceeds to favor nikhat all the satisfaction on the planet and furthermore his portion. They hear imran’s vehicle and realize that he has shown up. Ayan gets imran and when imran is gotten some information about his mom, he tells that she is coming in the following vehicle.

Scene 6:
Area: Asad’s home
Zoya again disturbs asad to look into the area in the old photograph that she needed to follow hr father, since she accepts that asad would have a deep understanding of bhopal, in and out, given the natur of his work and undertakings tht he takes.. Asad gets a call, requires it to be postponed and lets her the area know that its of a relic site, close golmandir with the lal chowk on one side and Supermarket on the other. He likewise tells her that she would need to take the Lake Side street that is a single direction road. later this, he proceeds to accept his call. Zoya, but is staggered seeing his brief answer and starts envisioning that it would be extraordinary fun assuming she goes along with him in his work.

Scene 7:
Area: Ayan’s home
Ayan reports imran’s appearance in the house and nikhat is bashful and apprehensive. He recalls some work and leaves carelessly, departing his versatile in her room. When the phoen rings, she gets the telephone just to find that its asad on the opposite end. Both are passionate to converse with one another.

Asad inquires as to whether the visitors and family have shown up. She says with crushing sadness, that she’s just missing her senior sibling. He says that she shouldnt cry on such a glad day in her life and furthermore tells her that he may not be near them, however they sure are consistently in his considerations and supplications. hearing nuzrat and humaira come into the space to bring nikhat down, asad wishes her all the joy on the planet and advises her to go with them. In the interim haseena shows up with razia accepting her at the entry. Nikaht is alos cut down and she modestly crosses eyes wiuth imran, who looks amazingly cheerful.

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I Do On Zee World Sunday 19th December 2021:Whiel ayan is ship off by rahsid to get enevelopes for the commitment, he gets a call and tells asad that he had left his telephone in nikhat’s room. Asad advises him to discover haseena’s family name. Razuis tells ayan on his asking, that it was Ansari. When ayan makes reference to it to asad, he gets stressed and lets him know that haseena and feroz share a similar last name and subsequently they are certainly related. He likewise assumes that their new issues with feroz have additionally been expected to haseena and that now she for sure is familiar with asad’s connection with ayan. He is concerned that she would do a show at ayan’s place today. The screen freezes on asad’s strained face.

Precap: Haseena shows feroz with his wounds and faults ayan for his conditio e additionally shows the photographs as a proof likewise saying that he was helped in this by his sibling, Asad Ahmed Khan. All are stunned to see the photographs.


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