I Do on Zee World Thursday 15th April 2022 update

I Do On Zee World Friday 6th May 2022 update
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I Do on Zee World Thursday 15th April 2022 update:  Asad goes into his space to observe Najma and her companion sitting with Zoya. Asad is irritated. Asad gives Najma her cash and requests that she go. Najma says despite the fact that you got hitched, you ought to in any case recollect me. Zoya guarantees that Asad’s primary goal will be her. Zoya-Najma second. Asad gives Nikhat’s cash to Najma. Najma is strained.

Nikhat is running and recollects when she cut Farhan, and when Sameera sneers.

Razia is calling Gauffer. She is stressed. Gauffer strolls in. Razia asks him what occurred. Gauffers says for me she is dead. I didnt meet our Humz. Razia is stunned. Tanveer sneers and attempts to comfort Razia. Razia insults her and advises her to avoid Humz issues. Razia leaves.

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I Do on Zee World Thursday 15th April 2022 update: Nikhat is as yet running. She faces Farhan. Haseena-Sameera additionally come out and each of them three corner here. Nikhat argues to go. They corner her and choke out her.

Humz is crying. Haider is attempting to reassure her. Humz feel terrible that she hurt her folks. Haider says I needed to do this on the grounds that your folks didnt acknowledge me. Humz says its alright, I’m blissful when you are around me. They embrace. Haider grins.

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They begin suffocating Nikhat. She is attempting to break free. Najma calls Farhan, the telephone slips and Nikhat acknowledges the call. Najma cant hear anything. Nkihat recalls every one of her times with Farhan. Lastly Nikhat surrenders. Farhan sees that the telephone is associated and begins conversing with Najma. Najma asks how is Nikhat. Farhan says she is generally excellent. Sameera is concerned that the other will look into Nikhat. Haseena has an arrangement.

I Do on Zee World Thursday 15th April 2022 update: Asad is conversing with Zoya and calls her Miss.Farqooui and afterward rectifies its by saying Mrs.Zoya Asad Ahmed Khan. She becomes flushed. He tells her that she looks exceptionally beautiful. Zoya looks stressed, Asad gets some information about it. She says that somebody gave me a gift and didnt put their name on it. She shows it to Asad. Asad understands it. Zoya is remaining close to the window. Zoya discusses her father. That’s what asad says to come clean then they will. Zoya says might be its Tanveer. She lets him know how Tanveer informed her concerning her dada and that he is alive.

Precap : Najma returns to her sasural, she finds a duppata behind the sofa. She can’t help thinking about why. Haseena-Farhan are tense. Nikhat is taken cover behind the lounge chair.


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