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Scene 1:
Area: Sanam’s home
I Do On Zee World Tuesday 10th May 2022 update: When haya gets up the following morning, she views that Sanam is no place as seen. she gets strained. Outside, Dilshad is sitting recalling the terrible passings of her family, when haya comes in tousled and upset, and finds an aletter in her hqand, saying that sanam went to bhopal. haya is stunned. Dilshad feels that sanam didnt do well, as the city where she went to satisfy her fantasies, that city denied her of everything and that she shouldnt have gone there as that place isnt for them.

Scene 2:
Area: Cafe in Bhopal
Sanam gives a definite meeting, about her dhaba and her involvement in it. she likewise discusses the pudina chutney. the director illuminates her that she has been required the server work and not the cook. He gives her a bunch of uniform and educates her regarding consumer loyalty, and requests that she go through the menu. She experiences issues overcoming the menu. She observes that her uniform is present day and considers how to wear this, without a salwar. Sanam gets some information about the salwar and is grinned at.

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Sanam begins her most memorable day, in her cutting edge dress of a server, where she is profoundly awkward. she begins wrecking orders as well. she is strained, wehn clients begin grumbling. The administrator tells her that she wont ruin his client base and treatb it as her second rate class dhaba, and that she is terminated right away. sanam is distressed and passionate.

Scene 3:
Area: Ahil’s haveli
I Do On Zee World Tuesday 10th May 2022 update: Ahil arrives at home with rehaan, intoxicated and stupefied. He awakens still intoxicated. They enter the equivalent haveli, which once had a place with Rashid Ahmad Khan, yet has been revamped. Whenever the workers don’t answer his shouts, he is strained as he observes a house keeper going through the hallway. Ahil gets irate when he observes a young lady, who he alludes to as Nazia, having an asthamtic assault, and begins to give her the inhaler, and resents the house cleaner.

Nazia at last quiets down. in the interim, her mom also quiets down observing her little girl better. Ahil is furious for recklessly keeping the inhaler. Ahil condemns the mother servant, and tells that he really wants an inhaler in each cabinet, so his sister isnt at any distress. Latif, the house cleaner illuminates that Azhar has gone out with a woman, and when gotten some information about shazia, ahil is informed that shazia is no place to be seen. he flies off the handle and starts to look for her, while nazia requests that he quiet down. At last enters shazia, a youthful and hip young lady, occupied with paying attention to music on her headphones. Ahil jerks the earphones off her ears and enlightens her concerning nazia’s asthamatic assault, while shazia requests that he quiet down, pinning it on nazia’s unreliable way of behaving, and that she isnt her sitter. Nazia assumes the fault as well. Ajhil is furious yet shazia argues at him. He gets even more furious, saying that he gives her beginning and end and simply believes her should deal with nazia. she counters back and leaves, while ahil is irate at her reckless way of behaving.

in the interim, at the morning meal table, a couple is demonstrated to glut on food, who are stunned hearing ahil’s voice. He asks them what occurred. They begin bumbling, aggravating ahil profoundly, while they keep on with the bantering. Ahil asks what happened where they had gone. She says that she went for Azhar’s marriage prospect, however they denied, as they couldnt get to meet azhar. Ahil inquires as to why. Her significant other says that they went to Azhar to meet at the emergency clinic, yet couldnt, as the sonography machine was spoilt. Ahil signs a check for a machine, which satisfies the couple deeply, that ahil succumbed to their snare. After ahil leaves, rehaan says that they dont need the check, as he would buy the machine. in any case, they cheerfully eye the check, that their arrangement succeeded.

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Scene 4:
Area: Cafe in Bhopal
Once more, sanam and ahil’s ways cross, yet they dont notice one another. ahil sits on the table, where sanam just served a young lady. The young lady starts to get close with ahil, kissing him, while an individual sitting on the following seat, covertly and unnoticeably clicks an image of them together. Seeing a smiley on the burger, and serving of salt rather than sugar, ahil flies off the handle and criticizes the administrator for the equivalent. The supervisor apologizes for the new server. ahil requests that he fire her.

I Do On Zee World Tuesday 10th May 2022 update: Sanam attempts to demonstrate the guiltlessness. The administrator tells her that she wont ruin his client base and treat it as her second rate class dhaba, and that she is terminated right away. sanam is troubled and passionate. She returns her uniform, and is upset when she gets simply around 50% of day’s compensation. Sanam recalls her fantasies of this spot. She is strolling wityh a weighty heart, when another server comes in. Sanam is told by another server, that the individual who whined against her, he is an exceptionally compelling man in bhopal, and henceforth he got her terminated. She shows sanam, ahil, who’s confronting his back towards her. sanam eyes him tensedly. the screen freezes all over.

Precap: While ahil is occupied with chatting on the telephone, sanam finds time to try to observe who the individual is. The young lady with ahil shows that this is the young lady that he just got terminated. Ahil pivots to investigate. In the mean time, sanam tracks down Anwar out and about, conversing with an auto driver. She is stunned and surges after him, however he gets in the auto and leaves, while sanam pursues him by walking.


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