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I Do On Zee World Tuesday 18th January 2022: tanveer is strained to hear zoya about her call. She concludes that before her masterji calls, she should get back to her herself. tanveer leaves, while zoya stays back, to hear asad’s remark, SO CHILDISH. She leaves, saying that she heard that. While preparing, asad finds the stud once more, and keeps it securely in his almirah, while contemplating her.(MITWA MOMENT) Asad comes out to ask zoya where is she going. she says that she’s going to the badi masjidto discover any hint. asad offers top oblige her, amazing her. He says that it would be more straightforward to cross examine, and track down info.(MITWA MOMENT However at that point, he alters his perspective and says that she can do everything alone, and he doesnt need to go. She censures him for altering his perspective so frequently, and that he is sop indescisive and uncertain of himsellf. She says that she can take descisions, and afterward questions herself as it were. When asad insitgates her more, she says that she has concluded that she wont take him with her. Later she leaves, asad plunks down to work.

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I Do On Zee World Tuesday 18th January 2022: Tanveer is strained to see asad sitting by the telephone. Asad gets a phoen calll, and leaves by the telephone. All at once, tanveer came in to hear masterji’s call, who illuminates him about the request being prepared, and later that the two orders forthcoming, are additionally being done on schedule. asad returns to ask what occurred. tanveer comes up with a rationalization. Asad requests that she call from the portable just, if the landline isnt working. She says that she would call later, first she would get ready espresso for him, since he would go to the workplace later, in the wake of wrapping up some work, at home.

shirin, while brushing her hair, observes that her hair has been trimmed from one side. razia too is exceptionally stunned, when shirin says that when she rested, iot was okay, yet when she woke up, it was this way. razia says that ashe’s extremely terrified, about the new happeneings, and tells her that most certainly there’s some dark sorcery included. Shirin asks her not to tlk like that. razia grins at her disconfort. Razia says that haseena was right in expressing that such things are extremely hazardous. She makes shirin think about the possibility that somebody from within, is behind this.

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All at once, razia shows shirin badi bi, strolling around with a scissors, asking the worker, for what reason did he need them. shirin is stunned to see this, and asks for what reason is badi bi after so much. Razia says that she doesnt know, however badi bi has been acting extremely weird of late, and her psychological equilibrium is dicey, and subsequently one can do anything in the present circumstance. Shirin is exceptionally terrified. razia is glad to see her arrangement work in getting badi bi out of the house, very much like badi bi had gotten ready for her.

Ayan feels that asad hasnt reacted to his call yet. All at once razia comes in to disturb ayan about the ring and humaira’s garments. Yet, ayan isnt keen on hearing this, and remains silent keeping him head away. He thinks back with a harsh look all over. razia asks him not to remain irate, as she had requested that he show his excitement, yet he didnt tune in and she felt extremely terrible, however she decioded to allow him a secoind opportunity,. furthermore asks him not to test her understanding, or there will be consequences. Ayan leaves. razia feels that he might be furious, everything that he can, however he would do just what she wants.

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Razia while giving photographs, to the studio individual, to be outlined, likewise gives the one, that zoya has a duplicate of. The individual perceives the photograph, and tells her that he has recently got one more duplicate of this photograph, today itself, by a lady to be outlined, who says that she was looking through someone from this image. she asks who was it. The individual says that it was a 21 year old young lady, and was searching for this individual. Razia is stunned to hear this.

An individual gives zoya a number, saying that it is for that individual who she was looking for, however he doesnt know, if that number actually works or not, as its 20 years back. zoya says thanks to him plentifully for his assistance and says farewell. she is extremely eager to understand.

Zoya asks tanveer assuming there was some require her. when tanveer answers no, and zoya asks her once more, asad tells her that they arent hard of hearing that they wouldnt have the option to hear her call. However, zoya is inflexible that she was anticipating a call. she chooses to check the voice messages, sadly. As zoya gets down to really taking a look at the message, and masterji’s voice sarts resounding in the room, tanveer in a hsate, comes up from behind her, and claims to have inadvertently slipped water, when zoya turns around. asad, obviously, indeed faults zoya for it.

zoya says that she trusts that the message isnt erased, however discovers that it is really. tanveer asks him not to stress, as she had effectively called the expert and let him know that she has sent them cash, for their work despite the fact that, her industrial facility burned to the ground. subsequent to hearing that, Asad leaves. Zoya gets a call, and gets it, and tracks down that its from the telephoen trade.

Scene 5:
Area: Asad and ayan’s home
Zoya calls up ayan’s home and razia gets the telephone. She says that it is possible that what she is going to say may sound unusual. She says that she has come from america, to discover her dad. razia is stunned to hear this. She asks whose house is this, and urges her to help. razia says that they have repurchased this house a couple of years, and she should be looking for the old proprietor. Zoya asks how long they have been remaining here. razia reacts saying that they are hanging around for a considerable length of time.

I Do On Zee World Tuesday 18th January 2022: Razia says that she doesnt know at least something about the old proprietor, and subsequently they wont have the option to help her. saying that, razia drops the call. zoya is astonished. razia is stunned concerning why destiny is playing like this with her. She is stunned to find mamujaan, who asks her for what valid reason is she so strained. she says that its nothing, and leaves for some work, with the casing individual. She leaves. Mamujaan gets another call, that has been set by zoya. The screen freezes on their appearances.

Precap: Asad and zoya play holi, and smear each other’s appearances with colour.(MITWA MOMENT)Razia also shows up at the scene.


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