I Do update On Zee World Friday 22nd April 2022

I Do On Zee World Friday 6th May 2022 update
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I Do update On Zee World Friday 22nd April 2022: Haseena, Farhan, and Sameera are examining about Khushboo. Haseena says she simply resembles Nikhat. Farhan and Sameera persuade her that it’s simply a fortuitous event. They all realize Nikhat can’t return. Sameera insults Farhan that Nikhat used to get frightened on each little thing, and this Khushboo couldn’t care less about anybody. Khushboo comes there and they get calm. Khushboo inquires as to whether they ought to continue for supper. Farhan says they were simply hanging tight for her. Sameera kicks Farhan. They go for supper.
Zoya serves supper to Asad and makes her duppata his fan. Asad says it’s OK. She inquires as to whether she ought to take care of him with her hands. Asad looks astonished. She takes care of him with a spoon, and afterward begins getting underhanded. She asks him how was the food. Asad says excellent. She says she will proceed to get salad. Asad gets her hand and pulls her back and makes her protest his lap. He presently begins getting heartfelt with her and says there are different obligations of a decent spouse too. He kisses her hand. Zoya lets him know he’s getting naughtier step by step. Asad asks what he can do, she is so delightful. MITWA plays. They get heartfelt and afterward Zoya sees an envelope.
I Do update On Zee World Friday 22nd April 2022: Humaira resents Haider for giving more significance to Zoya and not recalling that she was hanging tight for him on patio and they had wanted to get to know one another. Haider shows her the courses of action he did and requests that she check her telephone which she didn’t check out of frustration. Humaira apologizes to him. Haider expresses outrage in affection is an extremely delightful thing, she doesn’t have to explain herself. He says she looks more delightful when she’s irate. He holds her hand and takes her to the table. He gives a rose to her. Humaira says this is a sweet astonishment and inquires as to whether he’ll do this even after marriage. Haider prods her getting out whatever assuming her better half feels awful. Humaira quits fooling around and inquires as to why he generally jokes when she discusses marriage. She inquires as to whether he would rather not wed her, on the off chance that she’s not sufficient for him. Haider says it will be best second in his life when he weds her, yet he may not be the right accomplice for her. Humaira is befuddled.
I Do update On Zee World Friday 22nd April 2022:Farhan and family is eating. Khushboo requests stew sauce. Haseena recalls that Nikhat couldn’t eat fiery food. Farhan recalls Nikhat used to eat with her hands, however Khushboo is inverse of her. Khushboo asks Farhan for what valid reason he’s not eating. Farhan begins eating. Khushboo lets Haseena and Sameera know that food was extremely tasty, she ate additional today and tomorrow she should work out. Farhan hinders and advises Khushboo that she doesn’t have to buckle down. She is so wonderful and he gives her 10 out of 10. Sameera gets desirous. Farhan takes Khushboo to her room. Khushboo advises Farhan that tomorrow she should go for swimming. She contacts him and Sameera gets more envious. Khushboo inquires as to whether they have a pool here. Farhan says he will take her to a club. They leave from that point. Haseena’s uncertainty is clear at this point. She lauds Khushboo which disturbs Sameera.
Zoya opens the envelope and peruses the letter. She says tomorrow she will meet her abbu, she will actually want to see him, contact him. She inquires as to whether that will occur. Asad says she will certainly meet her abbu. Zoya asks him however for what good reason somebody is playing with her feelings. Why he/she isn’t coming before her. Mamu passes from that point and afterward Tanveer is likewise shown. She takes a gander at Asad and Zoya from a good ways and afterward says, Zoya’s desire won’t work out as expected this time by the same token.
She has everything aside from father’s name. She is going so off the deep end to track down her dad. How she will track down last piece of the photograph. Some photographs stay inadequate and she won’t give last part of Zoya. Tanveer admits that her is playing this game with Zoya as she can’t unwind. She contemplates whether Zoya is excessively moronic or she is excessively brilliant. She reviews how she tricked Zoya, and says there’s one more confidential behind her doing this. First she will have a good time and afterward will express out loud whatever it is to Zoya. She further says, bolt is one, yet targets are two and checks Razia out. Nobody has saved from Tanveer and she will exploit this mystery. She will presently move to her next plan.
I Do update On Zee World Friday 22nd April 2022: Haider gets some distance from Humaira and grins. He then, at that point, turns around to her and says he will make hers, yet imagine a scenario in which her abbu removes her from him. Consider the possibility that he isolates them. Humaira says nobody can isolate them. In the event that she needs to pick anybody between her abbu and Haider, she will pick Haider. Haider says he’s not egotistical that he will request that she break her one relationship for another relationship. Humaira inquires as to whether her abbu disagrees, then will he leave her? Haider says he will make her abbu concur. Humaira embraces her. Haider grins evilly.
Precap: Asad and Zoya’s heartfelt dance. Nikhat (Khusboo) lets Nazma know that she will get such a payback from Haseena, Farhan, Sameera that they will ask for their demise.


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