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Scene 1:

Area: Ayan’s home

I Do Zee World Monday 20th December 2021:Ayan isn’t concerned hearing asad’s disclosure saying that assuming they were connected, then, at that point, she would as of now have done the show and not stood by so calmly. He pardons himself saying he needs to go. Asad drops the telephone trusting everything works out positively.

Shirin asks nikhat to place the ring in imran’s finger. She does as such timidly. razia tells imran to do likewise to nikhat. haseena gets up to get the ring and purposely drops it ont he floor. The khan family is stunned. Rashid’s mom asks haseena the justification behind this. She says that she doesnt wish to have connection with this house any longer. While everyone is stunned, mamujaan and rashid face her with outrage saying that she shouldnt have offended them like this before individuals later they gave him more than unrightfully requested without griping once. Haseena says that she to be sure was given double-crossing by them. Also being a major and regarded family, they kept a major truth stowed away from her. Saying that she has likewise got proof alongside her affirming her assertion, she leaves the room.

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Haseena shows feroz, presenting him as her sibling with his wounds and faults ayan for his condition, saying that he was the one in particular who knew feroz inthis famil. Ayan is stunned to see him and recalls asad’s words and how feroz had beaten him. She additionally shows the photographs as a proof likewise saying that he was helped in this by his sibling, Asad Ahmed Khan. All are stunned to see the photographs. She insults them saying that she can’t wed her child off to a young lady who’s father has two wifes and youngsters sired by the two of them and she had effectively cleared that off at the hour of choosing the commitment.

I Do Zee World Monday 20th December 2021:Mamujaan at long last says that he hushed up this while, hearing top haseena’s discourteous discussions since she was correct or, more than likely noone has lived to see one more day in the wake of conversing with him like that. he says there was an explanation for keeping it from her. She says that utilizing his name, she had asked shirin and razia glaringly and they had lied all over. He says that he is sorry for that yet there was an explanation for that too that Rashid had severed his reltion with dilshad, his first spouse 17 years back and was never and is never and could never be associated with either her or her girls. He asks rashid additionally to tell haseena about the equivalent. Haseena says that she has seen love among the two siblings. Rashid concurs debilitated that he has no connection any longer with his first family. In any case, haseena is as yet unconvinced saying that she has seen the two gathering consistently. Likewise, she lets them know that asad had paid for the gifts to imarn and his family and for ayan’s bike. Furthermore says that feroz just asked what their connection and was thrashed by the siblings so gravely. Mamujaan attempts to tell haseena that for ayan’s puerile misstep she shouldnt rebuff the whole family. Yet, she doesnt tune in and again rehashes exactly the same thing that she cannot offer her child in such a family. razia too attempts to rescue the circumstance saying that dilshad more likely than not been later this and probably actuated her youngster to do this and delude ayan. However, haseena removes imarn’s ring and throwing it on the floor cancels the marriage and leaves with imran who is confused. Nikhat is stunned and sinks on the couch. Others also are stunned.

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Scene 2:
Area: Asad’s home

I Do Zee World Monday 20th December 2021:Dilshad gets some information about her luch. she says that she would have it outside just and afterward get back. dilshad drops the telephone hearing the doorbell ring. She is stunned to find mamujaan when she opens the door.she requests that he step in. He rejects with haughtiness that he wouldnt go into her home regardless of whether lightning struck him. She apathetically asks him the justification for his coming. He says that her connivances drew him there. He says that he has come to caution her to come her child taken care of in a chain. She counters back saying that he isn’t a pony, however a lion, allegorically and henceforth doesnt should be in servitude. He says that assuming she doesnt take hims eiously, she may observe this delightful homestead that she hs framed throughout the years in a tough situation. she attempts to ask him however he raises a finger and quitens her down. He proceeds to say that she ought to illuminate asad that he shoudlnt effectively incite him to take a descision that Asad would lament later. He tells her that nikhat’s commitment has been canceled and due to asad. she is stunned to hear this. She attempts to talk again however he quiets her maxim that he doesnt need to contend, he just came to caution that asad should avoid ayan or, in all likelihood he would confront genuine results. He says that she is shrewd and knows what his identity is and what he is prepared to do. The screen freezes on mamujaan seething face.

Precap: Dilshad asks asad to guarantee that he wouldnt see ayan any longer. He says that its unrealistic for him since he instructed ayan to walk, and since he has begun strolling, he cannot shun his hand away him and not show him the correct way to stroll on. Dilshad says that he needs to do it and today he would have t pick who he needs, ayan or herself.


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