Illusion On Starlife Sunday 16th January 2022

Illusion On Star Life Sunday 20th february 2022
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Illusion On Starlife Sunday 16th January 2022: PK focuses firearm at Kavya. Aarush yells in dread. Dadaji requests that he come into his detects. Dhruv and Jay hold him and grab out his firearm. Jahnvi tends to Kavya as Pooja and solicitations her to avoid this house before circumstance gets with regard to control. Kavya cautions that she is going, yet this evening is their life’s greatest slip-up. She leaves with Aarush. Jahnvi shows her insidious articulation and rushes to her room. Dhruv consoles her and goes to really look at Suman. Jahnvi calls amma and says she has effectively executed her arrangement and everybody accepted that Kavya is Pooja Sharma, Suman will likewise get frantic soon, she ought to prepare papers.

Kabir gets back. Sonali asks where was he, she was attempting reach him since long. He says he had gone to meet his attorney companion with respect to Aarush’s reception, presently Aarush’s grandparents can’t guarantee him, he has brought frozen yogurt for Aarush and will give it to him before it softens. Sonali illuminates him entire occurrence exhaustively. Kabir defies PK how might he accept Kavya is Pooja Sharma who hitched him to render retribution. PK says to accept, even he can take off from this house. Kabir says he thought father is somewhat clever, however he broke his conviction and showed how idiotic he is. Suman strolls in proceeding with her schizophrenic conduct and says she realized Pooja Shjarma would get back to deliver retribution. Kabir asks Jahnvi for what good reason would she be able to allow this to occur. PK cautions Kabir not to hassle relatives. Kabir says he will return bring back Kavya and Aarush. PK cautions in the event that he brings them back, he will shoot them. Kabir passes on while Dadaji attempts to call him and gets respiratory failure. Dadaji is conceded to medical clinic where specialists treat. Kabir look through Kavya entire evening and thinks she is irate, yet he will think that she is out at any expense.

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Jahnvi meets amma and takes record from her. Amma cautions her against Kabir as he can change her entire arrangement. Jahnvi says he is occupied with looking through Kavya since the previous evening. Amma inquires as to whether he observes Kavya and Kavya illuminates him entire truth. Jahnvi says she knows and she would have played her move as of now.

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Illusion On Starlife Sunday 16th January 2022: Kabir keeps looking through Kavya and thinks that she is sitting under an overhang. His companion calls and says Kavya isn’t seen as still. Kabir says he tracked down her and strolls to her. Kavya cries that she was called cheat and kicked out of house, her past is hauled. Kabir says it is her past, he is her present and they can have another existence. Their conversation proceeds. Kavya uncovers everything is occurring a result of Jahnvi. Kabir asks how might she assert Jahnvi who helped her to such an extent. Kavya says Jahnvi is Ashok Sharma’s little girl Poooja Sharma. Jahnvi goes into PK’s room holding document.

Precap: Kabir meets Amma and asks who requested her to call Kavya as Pooja Sharma.


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