Insolent Heart Monday 6th December 2021 Starlife

Insolent Heart On Starlife Saturday 8th January 2022
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Insolent Heart Monday 6th December 2021: The episode began with, blurring in its show, said it was still here for what happened next, Mehar entered the recording room and said the people were very informed so I needed to talk by raising him, all left, Mehar stared at the door and said this, Abeer said , Mehar said you can’t bring personal details and you say what happened that night, Abeer said no one knows our story we only know that, Mehar said the whole family I watched this show, Abeer said they still love me, Mehar said Abeer Dare you did that, sinking said I would say it, how the Miss Topper was carried away and unfortunately how you were and I was alone in the room all night, and remember the way I was insulted in front of my father together you would be insulted in front of your family.

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At a college farewell party, Sasha comes and asks to ignore what you guys do, Abeer says nothing you say, Sasha says when we will drink, say then, Sasha says ok let’s go with Sasha and start dancing, a cool drink drink And began to feel sick, Sneha asked Mehar what was wrong with him, Mehar said my head was just, I would go out and have fresh air, said Sneha ok when you need me, leave and dance Sasha, Mehars Head Aching, Abeer Sees Mehar doesn’t exist At the party and asked the nighter where Miss Attitude, Nisar and Abeer began to look for it. Mehar all drunk began to behave like crazy and walked alone looking for a dormitory and laughing, he lay on the bench, Sneha saw that Mehar did not return and drink the cold drink and said the alcohol was in a glass. Mehar began behaving like him driving a scooter, and sat down and said gasoline up, where my dormitory, ignoring and the emergence was emphasized not to see Mehar, Nisor said seeing what you were doing, blurring God I was worried, I was worried he didn’t want him to be inside Some problems, prosecutors and ignore leaving a party to look for Mehar.

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Insolent Heart Monday 6th December 2021 : Mehar in front of the hostel looking for Hostel, Abeer and Nisar found him, greeting, thank God he would hostel, and then realizing Mehar had gone to the hostel boy and ran behind him, Mehar went in front of the supervisor, but he was busy listening. Music, Mehar forwarded it and entered, ignored and ran behind him, the guards stopped them, bribed a keeper of understanding and entered, they missed mehar and began to look for him again, Mehar went to the room and saw the door and saw the door and saw the door and saw the door and see the door and see the door and see the door and see the door and see the door and see the door and look and see the door and see the door open and enter the room, Abeer said God where he was a good thing that a blank hostel, Abeer said might be in the room with the door opened, they went to the room and saw Mehar dancing like anger Music, ignoring and dancing and prosecutors Try to control it but he keeps behaving like a crazy person, he takes clothes and starts opening clothes, ignoring and ran out, Nisor says this all bCOZ from you ignores it.

ABEER and Nesar, Nesar said to see what he did, Abeer said I would not leave, Nesar said we would go together, Abeer said you left, Nisor said Abeer Plz, blurred and went into the room, ignoring opening his eyes and saw mehar Sleep with a white shirt and keep staring at him, Nesar took a bottle and said I would get water.
Abus in the show, so his friend went to get water and then what happened next. Mehars Aunt turned on the TV, Tunno said I wanted to see the show, Bibi said there was no study, Tunno said ok I was sleepy and left, Mehar Mom said don’t worry, we didn’t want to know what happened, Mehar was angry at seeing all staring at him with a suspicious appearance , Mehar says ok see the show I will show you and wear a TV.

Insolent Heart Monday 6th December 2021: Abeer In Show said so, at the College Hostel, ignored Mehar lying in bed, he placed a blanket to him, the Pregnancy came and said see what you did, he was a girl in a boy hostel and now what to do, ignore The people who entered the drunk hostel, either sneaked and watched them, people entered the room, blurred and the nights stood in front of Mehar and hid it, the Nesar said you couldn’t come here left, Abeer said Go Man Nesar was closed, all went door and ask now what to do, ignore

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