Insolent Heart On Starlife Monday 3rd January 2022

The Insolent Heart Teasers January 2022
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Insolent Heart On Starlife Monday 3rd January 2022:The episode starts with,abeer receives a sorry message from mehar , abeer says look she is sorry now, nisar says abeer she needs to adapt up to part of things n working at ur office is a major chance for her n she needs to help her mama n bua as well so might suspect close by as well, abeer msgs mehar back saying all u consideration is ur work n not me so fail to remember it, mehar peruses msg n calls abeer, abeer doesn’t get the get back to n msgs her maxim mehar don’t sit around idly in me continue chipping away at intriguing father n ur work so let me be, abeer begins drinking n turns off his telephone, mehar says god abeer why.

Abeer arrives at room next morning n sees its mehars bday tomorrow n sees a note on table with breakfast, the note is from abeer requesting to eat, abeer says I need to cosmetics with her, abeer calls nisarn says abeer I really want ur house I want to arrange shock bday party for mehar, its her first bday later marriage n I need her to show the amount I love her, nisar says alright.

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Insolent Heart On Starlife Monday 3rd January 2022:Mehar in office takes a gander at her n abeers pics n says for what reason are u so furious abeer, kuber shows bank explanation to taiji n says see abeers costs he burned through 12 lakhs to orchestrate mehars bday party n has requested n jewel set for mehar, he is so idiotic, taiji says let him do whatever he wishes to do, mehar herself will shut down this simply stand by n watch.
Mehar gets back home n asks where is abeer, worker says he isn’t as yet home, mehar calls abeer,but abeer doesn’t accept her calls, taiji calls mehar n says mehar come here I really want to converse with u, I realize u are exceptionally understanding contrasted with abeer n its cash matter along these lines, mehar says taiji please go ahead and talk, taiji says take a gander at this abeer burned through 12 lakhs for a party game plan, u tell me is this right, mehar goes through the assertion, taiji says mehar we have parcel of cash yet we really want to esteem cash n I need abeer to quit fooling around in life n shd begin working as well, this is all his however he really wants to learn benefit of everything, u work too u skill things go n I need abeer to know this to n begin taking liabilities, and kuber told me abeer likewise purchased costly precious stone jewelry n certainly for u yet let me know will u like gifts from abeers income or his fathers, kuber says mehar u ability abeer responds so we are conversing with u n I trust u will examine this issue with abeer, I feel awful that u are capable n abeer isn’t,taiji says mehar please help us chipping away at abeers obligations, mehar gestures yes n leaves.

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Mehar goes to room n thinking abt taiji n kubers words,mehar is vexed n calls abeer, abeer doesn’t get any calls, mehar says where are u abeer, I am missing u so much please returned, this they take u so off-base yet I realize u are competent and u will make ur own personality n shut everyones mouth and I cannot see anybody talking sick abt u, abeer says mehar, mehar hurries to abeer, abeer says so sorry I let u be, mehar says where were u, abeer says accompany me, mehar says I know where u are taking me yet such a lot of cash, abeer says goodness my unexpected this nisar, mehar says abeer this is ur bank statement,abeer says are u spying me or father gave u, mehar says abeer see such a lot of costs isn’t great see we are hitched now, abeer says so I cannot take cash from father, mehar says no abeer I mean assuming we are spending we need to spend it from our own pockets,abeer says very u feel terrible abt me taking cash, mehar says abeer see I bring in u can take cash from me as well, abeer recollects taijis words that soon mehar will request that u take cash from her, abeer gets disturbed n says so attempting to show up ur new position so sorry mehar,u feel I am jobless n futile, mehar says no abeer u are taking me wrong, abeer says and remember u landed position bcoz of me n now u need me to be ur pet, I am extremely grieved that u feel embarrassed about me right, mehar says no abeer please, abeer says mehar I surmise love isn’t enough for u n leaves.

Insolent Heart On Starlife Monday 3rd January 2022:Abeer goes to nisars house n get taking going all courses of action, mehar comes there n says abeer stop, abeer says nisar request that she go work n continue to acquire her better half is jobless, abeer consumes all gifts, mehar says abeer I need u n nothing else I love u please comprehend, abeer removes mehar from entryway n secures himself, mehar bangs entryway saying sorry, abeer says nisar go drop her home go, nisar says alright I will get wallet goes to his room n calls kuber.


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