Insolent Heart Thursday 9th December 2021 Starlife

Insolent Heart On Starlife Saturday 8th January 2022
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Insolent Heart Thursday 9th December 2021: The episode begins with, ignoring the door and seeing Mehars aunt and smiling and saying a very wrong time and not only urs but also mine, he asked Mehar what fled to doing here and he passed a little so he came here, said Mehar Bibi He, Abeer said was Mehar I couldn’t wait for breakfast I had to go, Mehar said he was here drunk, blurred so you could call my house but you let me in your bedroom, Mehars Aunt said what he was in your room, blurred said yes I also brushed my teeth with a brush, Mehars Aunt said ignoring just going, Abeer said you saw you on the office boss, said Susan Do you arrived early, I will return after lunch, and 8 years old people don’t go home and now In just 15 days he has been here twice and this time in your room and so you think why all this happens.

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Abus hit his head in the office and said what was doing this alcohol and my head was sick, Rati came and said that Sir everyone was in a shared room for the Episode SIRS Nesar but you are here, Abeer Saysrati calm, Rati did not answer, Abu-Neer said I didn’t need to support me Nimboo Pani, Rati said sure Sir, Abeer said thank you. Mehar reached the office, and saw ignoring Deo in the way he looked at him, Rati came and gave Aber Nimboo Pani, Sani and Nishi saw Abus and Mehar together, Sani would soon fight, Mehar and ignore the struggle to get the similarity of the room, everyone took their seating , Sani said ok starting the show, everyone watched the episode of Narsis, and clapped for Nisar, Sani said very good Nesar and Mehar thank you, Nisar said Ya Mehar Thank you for trusting, Sani. Naris Get this list, Nishi said no, don’t avoid all this, Sani said I mean nisar avoiding these things in the list, the Nesar asked but where to avoid, said Sani, Nisar said of course sir.

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Insolent Heart Thursday 9th December 2021: Sani said so the time of his party and the location of the nisor as you wanted, Rati said the Nesar sir, I could help you in that, Madhusudhan came and said yes now the Madhu double party returned, Madhu said Sani, I returned from the holidays to get all updates to the cabin I, Mehar asked who Abeer said whether you like Shd I talked to him dear, he was Mr. Sani brother-in-law, Mehar said you just stay away and left, Abeer said Oh just get me Nimboo Pani, Madhvi came to the office, Jawahar took him to Abeers Cabin, he waited to ignore, he read the name Mehars and asked if it was Muhar’s room and said nothing, Jawahar said ok and left.

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Madhvi walked to the Cabin Mehars and saw Mehar talking with Rati, Mehar looked at Madhvi and smiled and went to him and took his blessings, Mehar said coming to my cabin, Madhvi said it wasn’t fine, Mehar said Ma, we met after 8 years plz let’s Mehar and Madhvi went to his cabin, Mehar hugged him, Madhvi said I was happy to hear the mother of you, Mehar said you would drink tea, Madhvi said black coffee but I knew with sugar.

Insolent Heart Thursday 9th December 2021: Abeer saw food in his cabin, Jawahar said Sir ur Mom got it, Abeer said my mother where she was, Jawahar said Mehar Mams Cabin, blurred into the Mehars cabin. Madhvi says Mehar, you have changed a little but beautiful, say and dangerous too and what you are doing here, Madhvi said last night where you were, Abeer said I was busy, so I came to the office, Abeer said then you shd In my cabin and not the cabin boss came, Mehar said let me drink coffee, Abeer said he could have it in my cabin, Madhvi said Mehar came I brought Aloo Puri you like it came, Abeer said the boss he had a lot of work, Madhvi said but at lunch time let it come.
Madhu and Sani worked, Madhu said many details were lost in a new contract and some documents were also gone and who did this, I thought I would talk to him. Ignoring shouting at Mehar, why don’t you say no, you’re not a good girl stop acting l

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