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Ishqbaaz On Atinka Friday 15th April 2022

Ishqbaaz On Atinka Thursday 14th April 2022
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Ishqbaaz On Atinka Friday 15th April 2022: Rumi says you will get video during sangeet. Shivaye asks what is it that you need consequently. Rumi says Oberoi family’s genealogical accessory. Pinky says today I m going to give you Oberoi family’s genealogical accessory. Tia grins. Shivaye thinks I need this accessory by a way. Some time previously, Tia asks Shivaye do you have migraine. He says OK, presently I m better. She says there is negative energies around you, I will do air purifying. He says pass. He sees Anika and says I might want to have a head knead, particularly from you. Tia does his head rub. Anika looks on. Pinky comes and sees Anika gazing at them. She asks do you have habits or not, I need new blossoms laurels, do it quick. He says Tia you are astounding, I don’t require medications, your touch is sufficient. Tia says great energy closes terrible energy impact.

He gets a call from Rumi. Tia thinks who is calling Shivaye from obscure number. He requests that Tia take rest and unwind. Tia goes. He says I felt better, its supernatural, exceptionally decent hands. Pinky comes and sees Anika pulverizing and breaking the blossoms. She asks Anika how did you respond, see. Anika gets up. Pinky asks where is your concentration. Shivaye asks something similar. Anika says sorry aunt ji, I mixed up. Pinky says you do nothing effectively, did you come to work or indulge work. He says its OK, perhaps she got drained. Dadi asks what occurred. Pinky says I gave her new blossoms, she demolished it, don’t be aware from where she came, I got cerebral pain. Dadi takes Pinky.

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Shivaye says unfortunate blossoms, you got all annoyance on this, you got impacted Anika. She gets the blade from bloom bushel and says wouldn’t even play with the possibility of saying that once more. He asks what’s happening with you. She says that I gained from you, showing blade to make somebody tune in, blade is perilous thing. He says OK, hold it down. She inquires as to why, on the off chance that you can show, for what reason might I at any point show, you said this is your connection, you break things and I toss things, I couldn’t care less, comprehend. He says I do mind. He strolls to her and holds her. He says you can’t do this, I will demonstrate it, that you do mind, pause and watch. He discards the blade. It stalls out in the point of support. O jaana… .plays… … … .. They see one another. He goes.

Ishqbaaz On Atinka Friday 15th April 2022: Shivaye gets Rumi’s call. Rumi says you will get video during sangeet. Shivaye asks what is it that you need consequently. Rumi says Oberoi family’s hereditary jewelry. He asks what, how would you are familiar that neckband. She says I know it all, your mother will give that to Tia tomorrow, as I said, I need that neckband so ensure I get it. He asks how might I give you, I don’t have any acquaintance with you. She says its sufficient that I know you, I will let you know how and when to give that neckband to me. She closes call.

Pinky keeps the adornments sets. Shivaye comes to her. She asks did you not rest till now. He says I remembered to say goodbye. She asks is your migraine fine. He says much better, what’s this. She says for Tia, she is my would be bahu, when you were conceived, I began gathering gems for my bahu, when you wedded Anika, my heart broke, its great you understood botch and consented to wed Tia. He says your decision in gems is exceptionally tasteful. She grins. He says this neckband is lovely. She says OK, its Oberoi family’s genealogical accessory, Dadi gave this to me when I came here after marriage, presently I will give this to Tia, I will save it in storage now for security, its exorbitant jewelry. He looks on. She requests that he stand by and goes. He says how might I get that jewelry.

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Dadi gives garments to Anika and says you will wear this in sangeet today. Anika thinks about Pinky’s words. She says I m wedding organizer and realize my place well. Dadi says you are giving your place to somebody, I don’t have the foggiest idea what you and Billu need to demonstrate one another, I simply realize you are his better half and this house’s home, you will look most excellent, favor you. She goes.

Shivaye chats on telephone and stresses for Om. Priyanka asks what occurred. Shivaye says branch director said Om didn’t come from Bareilly. She inquires as to why, bargain was agreed upon. He expresses perhaps there was some issue, you know Om. Khanna says sangeet’s security is set. Shivaye says get no show done this time.

Everybody come in sangeet. Anika comes. Shivaye checks her out. O jaana… ..plays… … … .He goes to her and says delightful, I mean beautifications, you accomplished incredible work. He goes to Tia and praises her. Tia says thanks to him. She says I m blissful you are at long last seeing me. Pinky takes Tia with her. Pinky says I acknowledged you as bahu, today I m going to give you Oberoi family’s familial jewelry. Tia grins. Shivaye thinks I need this accessory by a way. Dadi says I need to converse with you Billu. He says I will meet later. She says it will be late, do you think you are doing well. He says I don’t have any idea, yet trust me, I will make everything right. She says Anika is a great young lady. He says even Tia is extremely great, look she is looking so beautiful. Dadi asks truly. He says most likely regarding it. She says without seeing Tia, let me know she wearing, what’s tone is she wearing. He says you realize I don’t see this, I m not Rudra to see young ladies. She asks what is Anika wearing. He depicts well. She says I found my solution, however did you get the significance. He turns and sees Anika.

Ishqbaaz On Atinka Friday 15th April 2022: He says Tia’s face is looking pretty to such an extent that I didn’t see her garments. He goes. Pinky makes Tia wear the neckband. Everybody applaud. Pinky says I didn’t think this will suit you so much, you resemble an imperial princess. Rumi calls Shivaye and says I figure you don’t need video, with the goal that jewelry arrived at Tia, are you tracking down me. He asks where are you, and where is that video. He says that video is in a chip, I have it, give jewelry and take chip. He asks what’s ensure, that chip has that video. She says no assurance, you have no choice, take accessory and put it wine glass, sit tight for my next call. Rumi went to Mrs. Kapoor’s room and searching for the video chip. Mrs. Kapoor is resting. She gets the video chip from the watch. She says now this chip will go to Shivaye. Rumi thinks Mrs. Kapoor, Tia and Shwetlana, you folks killed my sibling, Robin was my sibling, perceive how I end your game.

Shivaye converses with Rumi. He says I m sure you got the jewelry, however I didn’t get my chip, where is it. He turns and sees Anika. Anika says Tia, where is your accessory. Tia asks what and gets stunned. Mrs. Kapoor and Shwetlana take harmed Rumi tied and get stunned seeing… …


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