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Jodha Akbar Friday 1st October 2021 Update Zee world Jalal came to the children, Jalal asked who threw the ball at me, all silent, Salim came forward and said I had hit you because of a mistake, I gave it to Haidar, Jalal said this means you don’t know how to target certain balls? He asked all the children to take their position, I would show you how to hit the ball, all took their position, Jalal gave the ball to Salim and asked Salim to hit his ball,

Salim took the ball, Jalal caught the ball, Jalal gave the ball to everyone and asked They to give him, he made them learn how to catch the ball after a while asked the children to stop him and rest, all the children began to leave,

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Jodha Akbar Friday 1st October 2021 Update Zee world Jalal stopped Salim if you know why I behave differently from you? Because you are special, you will take my responsibility, and become a king is not easy, Salim tells Jalal that I don’t want to take your place (Kingship), Jalal says no problem, you have to take this responsibility,

Jalal says only you Having the right to take this responsibility, do not leave anything in between, you must complete every job regardless of how much time you need., Jalal said I hope you will not disappoint me, Salim thinks that he punishes and sometimes Sweet talk.

Jodha made a garland for Kahna when he remembered how Salim ignored after returning to the palace, Jalal came there, Jalal welcomed him, Jalal asked what he did, he said I made a bouquet of flowers for Kahna, Jalal said you used white flowers why yellow flowers day this?

Jodha said the color was not a problem, intention, Jalal sat with him on the floor and began making Garland, Jodha asked what did you do? Jalal says why is it only yours? Jalal said I had noticed that you did not eat and felt unwell because of Salim so I decided that we would go to Jungle’s trip tomorrow,

Jodha said how we could leave Salim, Jalal said there were many like Hamida, Ruks, and Salima who would do it Salim but I have to take care of you so we both will leave only, Jodha says you know very well how calm, Jalal said this time only me and you will leave,

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I know you really like Salim, I have talked to Salim and he has understood me, I now just want to spend time with you and if you don’t agree then I will complain to Hamida that his daughter doesn’t listen to me, Jalal Smiles, Jalal said Keep smiling like that, want you to spend time with me, Jodha says okay I will be ready to leave With you, they both smile.

In the forest, there was a suspicious person, he came home and told his master that Jalal and Jodha would come in the forest, the teacher was none other than Sharif, Smirks Sharif and said now I will get Jodha, he can’t be far from me now, I will kidnap it, it will free my father then will kill Jalal, this revenge will be taken and you will be with me too, he asks the person to go and tell others to be prepared, we have the opportunity after years. , I don’t want to lose it, he gives a cold coin to humans and says you will get more after the work is done.

Hamida made Salim eat Laddos, Salim said I really like Laddoos, will you make it every day, Hamida said why not for my loving son, Jodha came there and greeted Hamida and Ruks, Hamida to greet his mother, he was angry, Jodha Calling Salim to him, he did not listen, Jodha asked Salim to come to his mother, Hamida said to Salim that you promised me that you would listen to me, my mother called you, Salim went to Jodha, Jodha made him sit on his lap,

Jodha Akbar Friday 1st October 2021 Update Zee world Jodha asked, Can I Get out of the palm for one day? Forgive me, I won’t be able to take you out and won’t be able to listen to your story, please keep your data and don’t play in the mud, Hamida says not we are here, Ruks says yes, bari ammi here, you go with Jalal, Zakira came and said Jalal was waiting outside for.


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