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Jodha Akbar Monday 17th October 2021 Jodha did Tulsi Pooja, he prayed who protected your sovereign and gave him the power to bear all this and made Qadir alright. Moti asked him to eat something, Jodha said when the son was far from my mother and how she could eat.

Jalal asks Maan about Salim? Maan said his security was tight around him, Jodha came there and gave Aarti to Jalal and Maan, Jalal looked at his sad face.

Salim was sleeping and remembering the time spent with Jodha, someone putting his hand on his forehead, Salim said I knew you would come to me, I knew you wouldn’t be able to stay away with me, he turned and found Jodha, he asked about Jodha? Ruks said I was tired of making him understand, but he didn’t accept to come here, he Marium Zamani so he had to follow the rules, don’t worry me here with you,

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he asked why you didn’t sleep Salim said this bed was very difficult and the food wasn’t good at here, my hands hurt, Ruks says don’t worry everything will be fine, I have brought kingdom food for you, he showed him the food he was carrying and made him eat, Salim was dizzy afterward because there was opium in it, Ruks said you didn’t My child, but my servants, Salim with dizziness says that I am your servant, Ruks says what I will say, you will do that

, Jodha Akbar Monday 17th October 2021 Ruksu says your mother doesn’t care about you, Maasamu doesn’t like it, you just toys for her, not kid and for all you are not the son but only heir, this pain you have to bear for the whole life but don’t forget anything or old and do with you, he made him lie on the bed, sleep Salim, Ruksters thought that you would soon only have one relationship that would be with me, now I will be your Mi Bari Ammi and you will be my servant, have a bed Peaceful.

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He grinned and came out of the hut, Resham was there and asked about Salim? Ruks said he was worried and did not sleep but I made him eat food and he slept, no one had to know that I came here, Risham said you didn’t commit a crime, you were his mother, what kind of I had played, Jodha who didn’t guilty, you have a mother’s heart but you trust the stepmother and forget that stepmother always stepmother, he remembers flashback in Jodha to tell the ruks that I will go to meet my child at any cost, I will bear Jalal’s penalty but I will leave to him,

Guardians said about Salim, if you go to meet him, he will become weak, the Mughal king must be strong, do you want to make it weak? It’s about 5 days 6 days, so Qadir is fine then Salim will come back but if you go to meet Salim then Jalal won’t like it and it will fight Salim, Jodha says you are right, I have to be strong, Ruks thinks that Salim will be Hate you Marium Zamani and I will go to Salim, FB ends. Ruks said to Risham that I might be the mother of Salim, but I was the best mother of her.

Salim is a cleaning house with Fatima BI, Salim told Fatima BI that I was hungry, Fatima said there was no wood to turn on the stove, I would go and bring a wooden stick, said Salim told me, I would leave, I would leave, Salim said I have Dadi in the palace and his responsibilities are to me and you are like me so that you are my responsibility and I have to do Qadir’s work so tell me where to bring wood, he said there was a forest near the house, Salim took an ax and left there.

Salim came into the market area, the army and uterus disguised followed him, Salim came in the woods and began cutting wood from axes, Anarkali with Sakina also came there, they found Salim’s cutting wood, Anarkali said she was Prince Salim?

Jodha Akbar Monday 17th October 2021 Sakina said yes, what happened to him, he used to have a lot of dases around him and now he has to do a job, it all happened because of you, Anarkali said I just said the truth and told me if you were mine? Let’s leave here, Salim hit his leg when cutting and shouting, Anarkali looked at him and remembered how Zil Bahar said to him that what you did with SA

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