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Jodha Akbar Monday October 25th 2021:Jodha was sitting, Shehnax came there, he began to laugh and say I laugh at your stupidity, Jodha said you were my friend, Shehnaz said it was my responsibility to make you realize you, love you come all the way to get you but you deny, does love faded, .

Jodha says no, d

even more now, Shehnaz asks why not leave? Jodha said I had seen the good side of Jalal, which was soft and well heated, we had a fight but Jalal was used to see something and then .

decided but this time he was injured a lot, he said bitter words without thinking, I couldn’t stand anymore Going, Shahnaz says sometimes rising that gives a good smell can hurt you with the price, he shows him the handkerchief Jalal he left there, he said maybe he left him so you could get the essence of him, he could leaves him.

Jiji came to Aggah and asked him why he was tense, he said today I felt like that I could not afford this work, he told him everything about Maham, he said Jalal was worried about him, but if it was cheating on hiding it from him.

Jiji said that Maham could go to the reshuffle to reach his mission, Atgah said I believed that he could not hurt Jalal but why did he do it, Jiji said he had never liked Jodha maybe he wanted what happened now, think of them.

Atgah came to Jalal at night and said Aatad Khan came with a real bell-barred khan and he told me some severe things about maham, he told him everything and said this showed that Maham knew that a man entered the harem in the diludal excavation maybe he knew it was well sujamal , Jalal was angry and took Otu’s sword, he said you pointed to Bari Ammi,

Atgah said if my news was wrong then you could kill me, Jalal asked to bring a maham in court.

Jodha Akbar Monday October 25th 2021:Maham came to Jalal, Atgah Si too, Maham asked why you called me at night, Jalal asked Aggah to go out, he left, Jalal looked at Maham, he said Mahamanga You were called because I had to do an investigation, you never called I like that, Jalal said today I am not your son, but the Emperor,

I want some answers, he asks if you know that the syaramal of the gospel, Maham said no, Jalal asked to be barred, he asked Maham whether you knew him? He first said no, but then said that I thought I had seen it,

Jalal said he was an original negotiable and came to you to tell you that someone else was here as a diludger, I can’t remember it but you can’t remember it still check Kasim from Harem, Maham said yes, but I did not investigate any eunuchs personally and now it is known that he is a pedamal,

Jalal says whether this is what you know he is Suja and you let him come in the palace.

Jalal said we got word that Agra Sujamal went, Maham said you remember the person who gave us this news, Jalal said I really remembered him, he called the man, Maham remembered how he ordered the man for him Jalal, FB ended.

Jalal asked the man to tell how the truth of Muh in this news that Sujamal was seen outside Agra, he saw Maham, Jalal put the sword to him and said that fear of me was not a mourn, he would be afraid, he said I had never seen a pedamal outside Agra, I told you because someone said to me, Jalal asked who told you? He saw Maham,

Jodha Akbar Monday October 25th 2021:Maham nodded not, humans said Minister Cheif Maham asked me to lie to you, Jalal felt sad, humans left, Jalal sat sad and said I did not believe that someone who gave me my protection, my support, Jalal shouted that you know everything, you know he is a Sujamal, you investigate me to doubt my wife, I believe in you but you what you do, Mali gives me an external.

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