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Scene 1.
In this Post Jodha Akbar Friday 11th September 2021 Update Zee world Jodha was sad to sit in his room when Jalal came there with Hussain in his hand, Jodha saw Hussain and life came on his body, he took Hussain from Jalal and a smile, Jadhav looked at him, Jodha then said you did not do good, Ruks would feel bad when he knew that you bring Hussain here,

Jalal said I did not take it by force, the ruks hurt and the child couldn’t be close to him so I took him here, I hope my wife is fine, Jodha said I would play with Hussain, in this case, It would be fine for my whole life, Moti carryed a bed in the room and said I knew you would need it, Jodha asked Moti to relieve the room and Jodha put the darkness, Jodha Cot, Jodha made Hussain sleep, he smiled at Hussain, Jalal sat behind him and see Jodha happy,

Jodha sang a lullaid song for Hussain, Jalal came to Jodha and put her hand on her shoulder, she ber Ask why do you stop singing, I feel peaceful listening to it, sing, Jodha sings again, Hussain Sleeps. Jodha lied her head on Jalal’s shoulder and slept too. The sound-over said, Jodha forgot her pain saw her child with her.
Ruks was examined by a doctor, Ruks said I felt sick, the doctor applied a few fluids to the body of the fare, Zeenat came there, the doctor was angry at him, he remembered how he told the woman that the syrup could be very dangerous for anyone, it could come out In fever, cough, etc.

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and Zeenat also exists, Ruks asks Zeenat to go Hussain. The doctor left from there, Zeenat thought why I felt that the doctor had doubts about me.
The doctor came into his clinic and found a syrup just there, he said I doubted the unnecessary Zeenat, Zeenat thought I was right, he doubted me.

Scene 2.
Jalal checked the dagger to buy, Jodha came there, Jalal sat with him, he asked Jodha to buy one dagger for him, Jodha said I didn’t need it, Jalal said that your eyes were enough to kill anyone, remember how you placed it on my neck at night Our marriage, then you are used to killing me with your ridicule, Jodha says it is the talk of the past, now everything changes, now you do a lot of things for me even without saying, Jalal says you look amazing when you smile, Hussain starts crying,

Jalal said I just said a few lines for mothers and angry children, Jodha said why do you really love so that someone else becomes your enemy, Jalal said I was happy with it and to love, the army came there and said Maan called you to go by fighting.

Jalal goes to see him.
Zeenat comes to Qasim and says we have to leave this place now, that the doctor has me, I just saved myself from him today by placing another syrup at the clinic, we have to leave here with the work we have done, everything is wrong,

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all of them One way, I thought that after Phuket, I got Hussain’s responsibility but he had been given to Jodha and he didn’t even let Hussain’s feed, Qasim asked him to relax, he said Hassan’s death was being investigated but we didn’t have to worry,

we would finish Our work, we have time, Zeenat says no, you know I lose toxic fingers too, what Qasim said? You know anyone can get it, we will have a problem, Zeenat says I do everything myself so the mistake will happen, Qasim is angry and push him away, asking him to go and find the finger, Zeenat left.

Scene 3.
Jodha oiled Hussain’s body, he spoke sweetly to Hussain, Zeenat came there and said don’t do this, I’ll do it, you rested, Jodha said no, I wouldn’t be his servant by doing this, I was his mother he didn’t have time to spend time with his mother when he woke up so let me spend time with him now,

you went and rested, Zeenat said that he had ordered me to be with Husain, Jodha said then sitting here, Zeenat then said Hussain to me, I would feed Hussain, Jodha said no, I would feed my own hussain, he left here

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