Jodha Akbar Sunday 3rd October 2021 Update Zee world

Jodha Akbar Sarturday 9th October 2021 Update Zee world
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Jodha Akbar Sunday 3rd October 2021 Update Zee world Salim came to the fare, he was happy, he showed me my birthday present, Ruks said there was no birthday tomorrow so I would show only tomorrow, Salim said OK but I knew that you had to bring the best gift for me, Ruks said I know you will love my gift, Salim says no, I like Jodha a gift, Ruks says whether he shows the gift? He said yes, you know Jodha isn’t that bad, he doesn’t complain to Jalal about me,

Ruks says who does that? Salim said Jodha did not tell me that, you know Jalal also really loved me, I hit the ball with the ball but he didn’t scold me, he showed my love and also played with me, he argued from there that this was not true, Jalal and Jodha Trying to get Salim back but I won’t let it happen.

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Jodha came to Jalal and said I was very happy, which Jalal asked? Jodha said Salim hugged me today and spoke well with me, Jalal Smiles, Jodha said you smiled seeing someone in the park, Jalal said yes the people who loved me very much, Jodha saw and found Salim practicing in the park, Jalal Says Warge a lot, Jodha said the uterus said To me that you played with Salim yesterday.

Jodha Akbar Sunday 3rd October 2021 Update Zee world Jalal said you are right, love can be achieved by giving love, yesterday I showed love to Salim than to scold me, if not, he would go more from me, tomorrow is Salim’s birthday, I want him to be happy, he is far from us for days but not now, I will not give HM reasons to stay away from me so I will make a birthday big celebration.

Jodha says I will make a dress for Salim, it will enrich in Mutiara’s work, Jalal said if you need help then call this waiter, Jodha smiled and wrapped up K Jalal, Jodha said now everything is fine, I will not let the problem come in Salim. Live now, Jalal said I also hope so.


Jalal came to Maan and asked why did you call me? Maan told Jalal that Sharif escaped from the grip army but our army tried to catch him, Jalal said he didn’t need to run, let him run so much so he was tired of die, I didn’t matter in Salim. birthday.

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Jalal and Salim offer prayers, Hamida comes there and wishes a happy birthday. Salim asked for his prize, Hamida gave Salim the prize, Ruks came there and said you had more prizes to be collected, he gave him a valuable Necklace as a gift, then Jodha’s gift too, jealous rusks, Jalal came and said I had brought a gift for my child too, Jalal Salim’s gift was a small sword, Jalal said I prayed that you become a great soldier, Salim liked the sword, Hamida said we had to prepare many things.

Salim sat on the one side of the weighing scale and on the other hand, Jodha puts gold to measure his weight, scale scales, Jalal said distributing this gold to the poor, Murad Wishesw a birthday house, Salim Laddos’s gift, Salim expressed their gratitude and hugged them,

Haidar said I would be a horse and would make you sit on my back, Salim asked Qutub to show what he was carrying,  Qutub showed him and a wooden elephant, Qutub said I had succeeded with my hands not expensive, Salim said don’t worry, this prize is most valuable Me, Jodha told Jalal that I wanted to take Salim to Mandir Kali Maa, Jalal said why not, I would ask the uterus to prepare him, Jodha said we would be back soon, Jalal called Salim and asked him to go to Mandir to Jodha.

Jodha Akbar Sunday 3rd October 2021 Update Zee world Salim and Jodha came to Mandir, Jodha served several clothes to Kali Maa, Salim said I was afraid of this Bhagwan, Jodha said he was bad for bad people only but he was very kind with good people, you didn’t need to be afraid, prayed to him with heart who was pure, Salim felt weakly there, Pooja began, Jodha was involved in Pooja, Salim quietly went there, Salim came to several remote places in the mandir, the army was behind him protecting him but some soldiers attacked the army and several Kidnap Salim soldiers , they take Salim and run away from

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