Jodha Akbar Tuesday 5th October 2021 Update Zee world

Jodha Akbar Sarturday 9th October 2021 Update Zee world
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Scene 1.
Jodha Akbar Tuesday 5th October 2021 Update Zee world Ruks cough, Jalal and Jodha came there, Jalal asked what happened, Ruks said I felt anxious, I felt dizzy, Jalal took him to a hug and said nothing would happen to you, Jodha said I didn’t take this hookah to happen because of that, Ruks asks Jalal Do you love me?

Jalal says I love you, I love you. Jodha feels bad, Jalal takes him to bed and says me with you, Jodha with you don’t worry, Ruks said I felt good that Jodha was with me, he took care of me, he would prepare medicinal headaches for me, Jodha agreed and began making medicine, Ruks said Jalal Bring me into your arm, he tightly held Jalal and hugged him while Jalal made him comfortable, Jodha saw him and felt bad, Ruks thought every time Jalal would come close to Jodha I will come in between.

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Shehnaz came into Adham’s room to find some proof, he was tense and said I had to take risks, he was looking for when Adham came and hugged him from behind, he said who you are, he said for whom you came here, he said I came for a doll, Adham said I’ll bring a lot of dolls for you, Shehnaz pushed him and came out of the room. Adham asked Shehnaz to spend time with him, he held Dupatta and said I wanted it, he laughed and said you need Dupatta then take it, he gave him to him and said I didn’t know you were wearing Dupatta, Adham was angry and grabbed it by making fun of me,

Jodha Akbar Tuesday 5th October 2021 Update Zee world Shehnaz slapped him With hard to touch it, Jodha saw it. Shehnaz began to laugh and say whether you enjoyed it, Jodha came there, Shehnaz said he grabbed my dupatta, Jodha asked Adham why did he do it, he said he came to my room, I didn’t leave at him, Jodha said that does not mean you will win the dupattanya, he gave Dupatta to Shehnaz,

Adham said he was crazy who roamed another room, his freedom must be taken away, Jodha said things changed in this palace and if you want something to step farther away, remember my warning not to do this again, he scolded Shehnaz u Ntuk not roaming, they leave.

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Scene 2.
All the released prisoners came to the palace to get official freedom, Zakira saw the uterus playing in Lawn, he grabbed the knife from the army and ran towards the uterus, he attacked the uterus, the uterus became unconscious, Jodha Salima came there and found blood on the face of the uterus, Jalal comes. Jalal was stunned, Jalal shouted at Zakira that I freed you and you did this, he ordered it behind bars, I would decide on your punishment, Zakira said my intention was not wrong, Jalal took his sword, the uterus gets aware, Jalal. Seeing the snake in the barbed factory,

Zakira told Jalal that I was waiting for you when I saw the uterus moving towards this snake, I was with my whole snake so I knew that this snake was very dangerous and when I took the uterus so I took the warrior’s sword and Attacking the snake was not a uterus, Jalal said oh I didn’t see it before, he asked the army to leave.

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Scene 3in Court, Jalal Thank you Zakira, he said you made the right decision and save the uterus, Zakira said you released me, I made a big mistake even when you forgive me, I took a lot of life when I came to the uterus but today I came to know that I am a wonderful thing to save a life, I can even give my life to you.

Jodha Akbar Tuesday 5th October 2021 Update Zee world  Jalal ask what you need as a gift, Zakira says I don’t need anything but if you want to give me then take your support, including in your Shahi bandhies at the Palace, said Atgah said he was with Benazir for a long time trying to take Your life, we can’t believe it. Jodha got up and said I was both aggah, he was with Benazir and maybe he did all this to get our trust so he could approach and would do what Benazir could not do if he could grab a knife from the army to kill the snake then he could kill people others, he tried to attack Jalal, how could I trust you,

Zakira said you gave me life, Zakira said to Jodha if you didn’t trust me then you could even decapitate, Jodha said that it happened to me, Bandhi brought a knife, Jodha asked him to kill himself, Zakira said I would glad to give GIV

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