Jodha Akbar Wednesday 6th October 2021 Update Zee world

Jodha Akbar Sarturday 9th October 2021 Update Zee world
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Scene 1.
Jashn began Resham dancing, Jalal, Jodha Smile. Ruks told Jalal that this had never happened before, what was the need for, he was just a eunuch, Jalal said I was stunned that you talked like this, Hoshiyar served you a lot, he said yes but I didn’t say Jalal that Hoshiyar served me a lot but I didn’t Can ignore that he was just a eunuch and he had to put in the right place,

Jalal looked at Jodha and said you all had to be put in the right place they got it., But I thought the eunuch had emotions too, Ruks said let’s have dinner, Jalal said I’ll eat here, Ruks says how you can eat here, he said I came here so he would eat here, Jalal asked about Maham? Risham said he went to Dargah to pray for you, Ruks said he thought of you as his son.

Scene 1.

Maham came to Dargah, he prayed. He looked around and entered the darkness, he wrapped the shawl and came out of Dargah from the backside, he went into the forest. He met several men and ordered something, he opened the gate of several huts, he entered.

Scene 3.
Bold washing hands by rubbing, Jalal saw it and thought that why he washing like Hinduity when he was a Muslim, belled sitting for dinner and chicken in dinner, he was skeptical to eat it, Jalal watched him. Ruks asked Jalal where they got lost, let’s eat something, Resham asked for a deal to eat, he said I had to go to Bakshi, Resham said let’s have something first, he tastes sweet, Jalal thinks that something is wrong with him.

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Maham comes out of the hut with a few notes at hand. Maham came into the palace, he put the fire, Javeda came and asked what you were doing, he asked what you were burning, Maham said a love letter, Javeda said you love someone in this age, Maham said who sent you this, Maham said it was from Heaven, Javeda said that why you went to the market a lot today, Javeda told him about Jashn PF Hoshiyar Khan,

Maham said I was a minister’s head I wasn’t cheap to go there, Javeda would go there Ruks might like me, Maham said you were seen Like Kasim, Javeda says what, he said you are a Maham dil you can’t go there, Javeda says all have eunuchs but you don’t allow me to have it as a servant, Maham said I have to know that I’m the biggest stupid to question you, he knows, Javeda said he shouldn’t say himself stupid.

Scene 4.
Maham came to Jalal, Jalal said I wanted to ask a Muslim to make a mistake in his prayer or his style washing, Maham said a true Muslim did not make a mistake in his prayer, Jalal said I had to know something about the bell. Bells brought into the army, Jalal asks who you are? He said I was hurt,

Jalal said you were not negotiated by Muslim Netherher, said I was not Muslim from birth, it was my past, I changed my religion, Jalal said why did you tell me? He said I changed my religion to get so I didn’t tell you, Maham asked who you worked before, he said with Chandar, bold said I had to go to Bakshi he would fall today Jalal said to go to him now, he left. Jalal said to Maham to watch him, he said okay.

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Scene 5.
Jalal stood near the balance, Jodha came there, Jalal said I wanted alone to leave me, he said I said you again left me, Jodha said when I was confused to take responsibility for the harem, you took me confidence in me that Shehenshah was with me, My husband and I, you solve my problem, Jalal said I would find a way for my problem, Jodha said the pain was reduced by sharing, my wife you shared with me, Jalal said it wasn’t important to share everything with my wife, Jodha said then there was trust Nothing between them, Jalal remembered Jodha with the man (Suja). Jodha said told me your problem, Jalal said I wasn’t worried, Jodha said I could be wrong but Hamida also said that you were worried, he asked

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