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Jodha Akbar Teasers October 2022
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Thursday 1 December 2021
Salim stopped Soilder who took Anarkali away from Agra .. Jodha was worried about Salim, he visited Anarkali and found him crying. Ruks invited Anarkali to dance at Salim and Mann’s party but he was injured while dancing. Daniyal saw Salim kissing anarkali and thought to tell Mann.

Friday December 2 2021

 Mann arrested Salim rubbed Anarkali’s feet. Madhev said in his heart that he would make sure to kill Salim and Jahal. Jodha refused to apply Mehndi to Mann’s hand to see Anarkali. Murad gave Shahab’s prison key to escape. Anarkali get ready as a bride. Jodha heard Madhev told me some men to kill Salim in his room, he was surprised.

Saturday December 3 2021

Madhev attacked Salim but Jodha saved him. He was arrested and imprisoned. Salim and Mann married. Murad killed Shahab. Jodha advised Jahal that their spices must be exported themselves so that farmers can benefit. Jahal agrees and remembers responsibility. Ruks plans to destroy Jodha’s efforts.

Sunday 4 December 2021
Jahal gave Jodha Trade Cap and Ruks to be jealous, he smoke in anger. At night Ruks tie Open Siteroom where spices are saved and all get wet. Jodha met farmers for extra spices to meet deadlines. Everyone is proud of Jodha except Ruks ofcourse. The English ambassador met Murad to use it against Jahal by telling him that they wanted him as king and would help him become king.

Monday December 5 2021

Sultan Mirza sent a message to Jahal to marry a daughter to Murad. The English Ambassador said Murad to make Jahal agree to come to examine weapons in the city to carry out their plans. Jodha was suspicious but Jahal and Ruks thought instead. Ruks demanded a large amount of money rejected by Jodha. He was angry and planned to take revenge. Murad told him that Jahal stopped on the way and he had to carry out their plans.

Tuesday December 6 2021
Ruks burned spices. Jodha instructed Todar to find out who destroyed spices. Jahal got poison by English people through wine. Ruaran burns the letter to Jetha. Jodha was worried about Jahal and thought to meet him. He told Hamida, Salima and Ruks.

Wednesday 7 December 2021
Jodha and the uterus disguised as an ordinary person to find Jahal. They are looking for GOONS camp looking for Jahal. Ruks took the Salima document and falsified it. Salima sent an unknown false statement. Nesar of Takun Racun Drinks again. Jodha was stunned to see Murad with Nisar, he killed an English man to try to sleep with him.

Thursday December 8 2021
Jodha fled with the uterus and Moti as Nisar Soilders looking for them. He tells the uterus about Murad. Jodha found the Ruks behind all the farms produced a disaster. He slapped him hard and put it at home. Murad acknowledged all his evil deeds to Jodha and begged forgiveness.

Friday 9 December 2021

Jahal was happy and surprised to see Jodha. He explained everything that happened to him. Murad deceives British people will kill Jodha and Jahal. Murad, Jahal, Jodha and the Rahim fight against Nisar Soilders. Nesar was surprised that Murad betrayed him. Jodha and Jahal became comfortable after the war.

Saturday 10 December 2021
Jahal, Jodha, Rahim and Murad Arlie to Agra safely. Salima ignored Murad and Jahal sent it to the patent as a punishment for helping the enemy. He also deported Ruks to Kabul to never see it again. Room hated. Salima forgives Murad while Jodha begged Jahal about Ruarans.

Sunday 11 December 2021
Jahal made a coin with the name Jodha engraved on it. Ruks looked for Jodha sorry and promised to take her challenge obediently. Jahal praised Jodha as a memory of how far they came together.

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