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Scene 1.

Johda & Akba Friday 11th November 2021:Mughal’s man was in a tent, Murad told Salim that the war was almost over, Salim said this was your first war but the way you fought big, Murad said thank you for praising, the army would be arrested, he would be served to Jalal, Salim, Murad All Be happy, Salim congratulations Murad, he too.

Maan told Jalal that we had won the war, Master Badksha (country) was imprisoned, Badksha served to Jalal, he asked the army to leave, Badksha said whether you were still afraid of me even after winning the war, Jalal said if I was afraid that I would Killing you, he put his shoulder and said I want you to listen to me, I don’t want your land, I just want you to take our side in the war against Iran, Badksha said if I said that? Jalal smiled and said

All know I am a peaceful person but if my thing is not followed, I’m the most dangerous person, he grabs it with his shoulders and says I hope your decision to support your nation and for your life too.
Jodha stood almost balanced, Salima came there, Jodah said to him that I made a mistake, I shouldn’t ask the question to Hamida, you know he thought that I had called him in court, Salima said, Jodha said how to end this problem? This is a family problem and should not be known in court, people will know that I have a difference with Hamida, Salima says this is not in your hands, let it happen what happens, this is your task, you just follow it, Jodha said but in the court? Salima said yes, all wanted to know from Hamida that why she suffocated Iran, you were a queen so you questioned it, Jodha said how can I ask her? Salima said forgetting that she is your mother, thinking that she is an ordinary person and you have to do justice, you and Hamida will be separated but you have to do justice as a queen, I pray that you do justice on every step of life, I am with Jodha, Jodha tense.

Johda & Akba Friday 11th November 2021:Ruks in his room, Ask Hoshiyar who will win Jodha or Hamida tomorrow? Hoshiyar said Jodha was smart, he would find a way, Rusk Angry looked at him, he thought my tongue would kill me one day, Ruks asked Hoshiyar to eat sweets, he said you wanted to slap me, Ruku laughed and said I was like this, you are always ready to be beaten , he said praying that whatever happens in court, must benefit me.

Scene 2.
In the morning, Jodha said to what you did, what should I decide, how can I listen to the case against Hamida, he is angry at me and now if I do it then he will be more angry, one side is my relationship with him And someone else is my duty as a queen, what must be decided, Jodha says kapanese justice, the relationship must be compromised, he stared at his crown, he wore a ‘Queen Indian “crown and said Sorry Hamida but I would have it to contact you in court, And listening to your case, Jodha started to court, he remembered how he promised Jalal to handle everything in court. Wife was discussing that Jodha had made a mistake, now he won’t be able to calm Hamida, Ruks says I feel Jodha won’t stay here for a lot of time, Salima came there and said you would be wrong, Jodha won’t go where p The National Examination from this palace, he left, the smoke ruksu.

Johda & Akba Friday 11th November 2021:Jodha came in court with a veil on his face, all greeted him, Ruks thought now Jodha had to bear the problem of the problem, Hamida came in court, all greeted him including Jodha, Hamida said, Hamida had asked for something in court, said Jodha he was allowed, Hamida said my husband sitting on this throne, now my child sits on this throne, nothing is more important than this throne for me so I will answer this question.

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