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Scene 1.

Johda & Akba Saturday 13th November 2021 :Jodha asked Moti how Hamida, did he ask about me? Moti said he did not ask about you and also his health was not good, he said that he would not eat anything until Jalal returned, Jodha said this was wrong, I would talk to him, Moti said he would not listen to you, Jodha cried and said I felt no Well, I can reduce the pain, Moti says don’t worry everything will be fine, Jodha says Jalal where you are, right back, I need you a lot.

Theother side, Jalal came out of his tent, he found Murad canceling his wounds, Jalal said don’t worry I would do it, he wiped his wounds and bandages, Salim came there and one country came to our side, congratulations, said Jalal, said Jalal, said Jalal. Only one country left on our side, Salim asked Jalal to stop, he applied the cream on his wounds and said you

Our king, you have to be fine, he applies a bandage, Jalal smiles and thanked him. He came in the tent and hugged Jodha’s letter, he said because I took my son in the war, which would be fulfilled, many of you miss me, I also miss you. The sounds more than the days passed, Jalal won the war and other people of Jodha in trouble, all thought that he was wrong.

Johda & Akba Friday 11th November 2021 Zee World

Johda & Akba Saturday 13th November 2021 The Iranian king know Jalal has won over his enemies with them and some have gone to their side, the army said they forced countries to allow their people to make a pilgrimage, the Iranian king said Al-bad news came there, he was KURB, King Iran says you know what you have to do? Sats kurb yes I have to win the war over Jalal, I know he is a great Warrior and haven’t lost the war, the Iranian king says that I also know that you don’t lose the war in life too, you have to win this time too and we will help you inside War, Kurd said don’t worry, I will win.

Scene 2.
Jodha was doing Pooja in the mandir, he prayed for Maa who made Hamida alright, making Jalal immediately return, please bring happiness in this country.

Jodga began to leave the mandir, he asked the army to stop Palanquin, he came out and found the Mughal army distributing something? Soldier told him that we distributed money on his husband who had his husband or someone killed in the war, Jodha said he helped them in all things, a woman said to Jodha that Dot pityed us, my son and husband was killed in the war, what would happen if you had changed Religion, many people are killed because of you, another woman says Jodha always thinks good about us, she does it right by not changing religion, we are proud that our Huband died in fighting for Mughal Saltanat, Jodha left.

Ruks came to Jodha, Jodha asked how Hamida, Ruks said Hamida was in tension after listening to the murder of the army, he would do it because of tension, Jodha said don’t say it like this, Ruks said this could all change if you had changed religion but now there is no one Can stop all this, Hamida doesn’t eat anything, I pray that some miracles happen, he grinned and left, Jodha thought what to do.
Jodha said to Aram Bano, you know what you have to do? Aram said I would do your work, Jodh gave him fruits, Aram leaves took it.

Aram Bano came to Hamida and said I had brought fruits for you, we would eat together, Hamida said I didn’t want to eat, Aram said I was carrying this for you, don’t love me? Hamida says I love you and I know you love me won’t eat.

Scene 3.

Johda & Akba Saturday 13th November 2021 Jalal said to these soldiers that they all had struggled with very good all the wars and tomorrow would be the last war against the

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