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Jodha Akbar Wednesday 9th  November 2021: Jalal and Jodha come out to distribute clothes to people, Jalal says whether you remember you distributed like this, remember Jodha and say how you know, Jalal said that day for the first time someone was placed at the sword My neck, you will decapitate me.

Jodha said the situation was different if so different, Jalal said what was changed, what did you think about me now, Jodha said this is not the place to talk about this, Jalal said at least saying that I am the same as this Jalal whose head you want to put in In Devi’s feet then you will kill me, Jodha says I want to kill you even now, Jalal says what, Jodha says yes, every wife thinks at least once a day to kill her husband,

Jodha Akbar Wednesday 9th  November 2021:says only one time how about another time, Jodha said another time he wanted to take care of him, Jalal said like putting the drug on his wound, wake up all night for his health, making medicine for him. Jodha said this did not care but love, Jalal smiled at indirect confession, Jodha said a few wives who gave the pain so the husband approached then approached the pain, the word jalal leaving everything you think about me, Jodha looks away about me, Jodha And say your dress is loose, give to adjust, Jalal says answering what you think about me now, Jodha says some answers that the wife is not given, the husband must find themselves.


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