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Johda & Akba Wednesday 13th October 2021 Jalal Ask Nadira who witnessed Salim hit Qadir with an arrow, he asked him to answer his question, Nadira said I was there. Qadir picked fruits from a tree and I stood under a tree then I saw my eyes that Salim threw an arrow towards Qadir, the nuances of Qadir from the tree, Salim escaped to see that Qadir had been hurt.


Jalal shouted Salim that why did you lie to me? Either this girl lying or you, Jalal asks Salim to tell the truth. Salim said I hit the fruit when Qadir was injured, I didn’t hit intentionally, please forgive me. Jalal said the error was done by you intentionally or not, it didn’t matter and you dare, you lied to me?

Jalal said to the old woman that I apologized for what had happened to your grandson, but I promised that the culprit would be punished, I would give a verdict tomorrow until Salim will be arrested and will stay in his room, Jalal asks to see after treatment Children, Salim began to cry, Jalal angrily saw Salim and said the court was postponed today.

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Johda & Akba Wednesday 13th October 2021 Jodha said to Salim that I asked you the last day and you lied in court too, why? Salim said that I was afraid of Jalal, I did not take it intentionally, Jodha said why you ran after hitting the child, you heir, you must understand the severity of the situation, Jodha told Salim that Jalal was just your father, he had the responsibility of the nation. I don’t know what he will decide. Salim cried and said asking Jalal not to punish me, Jodha hugged Salim …

Qadir’s grandmother cried for Qadir in her hut. Jalal and Todar came thereby disguising, they found Grandma crying, he said I didn’t know whether Qadir would be fine or not, he did every job of my job.
Zil Bahar scolded Anarkali, to tell the truth in court, he said Salim was an heir, why did you do hostility with him, Rashid stopped him and said don’t worry, everything would be fine.

Zil Bahar said we have to leave here if we want to live, he has made all the royal families against us, and now we cannot be saved, Anarkali holds his ghungroos and said I would not leave here. I just said what was right and did not make a mistake,

Zil said that because you were already firing Rashid once, not knowing this girl would fire us from the world, Rashid said everything happened according to fate, if Jalal wants to cancel revenge then It could be if we run from here, the truth of Nadira can be a lie, don’t worry, Zil Bahar remembers how Shaguni Bai said to him that your time in this cottage ends and you will go the palace.

Jalal reminded the defense of the old woman for justice then reminded Salim’s frightening face, he stood near the heavy engine. Jodha came and said I would just be here, one side was a father and the other side was king, the king was very big and the problem was great too, tomorrow you will do justice, remember that Salim didn’t do this error intentionally, Jalal said me think how to do justice and you come here with words for your child’s innocence, don’t forget that you are Marium Zamani with Mrs. Salim, all your.

nation’s children, I understand my responsibilities as king and if you try to change my mind justice later leave here, I want Marium Zamani to walk with me, not just Mother of Salim, Salim will be innocent if he accepts his crime in front of me but he lies to me, this is a crime, I want Salim to understand that the responsibility of the king is why I do That,

Johda & Akba Wednesday 13th October 2021 Jodha said I’m sorry, I just want to tell you that Salim won’t hurt a child, he feels sick to me Rember also and if you still think that Salim is a criminal, then give him a punishment, be the king and give punishment, Salim listens to all this and thinks that Maasa wants punishment for me too? Jodha said, Salim.

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