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King of Heart Saturday 26th March 2022 On Zee World: The Episode begins with Mum in regulation hearing Satya’s telephone discussion and remembers to redirect his brain and follow through with something. She comes to them and says she isn’t terrible as they naturally suspect. She says today is lohri, and that is the reason she kept party at house. She gives garments and requests that Satya and Mahi prepare for the party. Krutika thinks her mum in regulation is tolerating them, and asks Satya not to uncertainty on her.

Satya thinks what is happening to her. Later in the evening, Mahi prepares and wears salwar kameez. Satya comes, holds her attached hands and sentiments with her. He says you are looking Punjabi today, Mahi Sen Gupta. Mahi says she is Mahi Karanveer Khurana. He inquires as to why she prepared today. Mahi says for my ranjha… and grins. They fall on bed. Satya says you were unable to spend even 2 mins with me and draws nearer to her. Later Satya is going to apply sindoor on Mahi’s brow.

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Kareena comes and says I need sindoor on my maang. Mahi says just wedded lady applies on their brow and is going to apply on her temple, however Kareena tosses it. Satya says let it be. Kareena says sorry and goes. Mahi and Satya sentiment once more. Later Satya gets a call from criminal investigator, saying that he has sent confirmations in envelope. Mum in regulation hears him and says envelope, who will bring. Kareena moves on the melody Ladki delightful. Satya and Mahi additionally join her. Mum in regulation sees them occupied in dance and gets envelope. She remembers to conceal it.

King of Heart Saturday 26th March 2022 On Zee World: Mum in regulation acquaints Satya with the visitor and asks them to inquiry Satya where he was and what he was doing? Visitor inquires as to whether he missed his dad. Satya couldn’t comprehend her and answers wrongly. He requests that she take drink , yet makes it fall on her handbag erroneously. Visitor woman becomes irate and says you can’t be Sid’s child. You have no behavior.

Mahi becomes irate on her and talks in English. She says you individuals won’t change. He was sorry to you when he dropped champagne on you erroneously.

She says Satya is having habits and values, which you individuals don’t have. Mum in regulation opens the envelope and gets stunned seeing the evidences. She erases her supervisor telephone number and figures where to toss paper, and remembers to consume it in Lohri fire. She keeps the papers in lohri fire and says Satya will be Swaha as well. Satya comes and attempts to take the papers, yet it is now singed. Mum in regulation acknowledges that she has consumed the papers, as she would generally rather avoid it.

Satya tells her that he will uncover her and show her vampish face to his loved ones. Mum in regulation difficulties him. Satya says you have never confronted me. He holds her hand. Mum in regulation yells and lets everybody know that Satya attempted to consumed her hand.

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Krutika and Satya are stunned. Mum in regulation says I have accomplished such a great deal for him, and he is spitting toxin against me, I can’t remain here any longer. Satya requests that she stop her theatrics, and says it was her demonstration to redirect our consideration. He guarantees her that he will uncover her actual face, else his name isn’t Satya. Mum in regulation says somebody send him to mental haven. Krutika says enough and asks how challenge you to blame mummy ji.

Mum in regulation requests that Krutika charge him, and says botch is of his childhood and of his chawl, where he was raised. She says he don’t merit being Khurana.

King of Heart Saturday 26th March 2022 On Zee World: Mahi requests that she stop it. Krutika apologizes to her. Mahi puts salve on Satya’s hand. Satya says I am not equivalent to Siddharth Khurana’s appearance additionally, and says I am frail and couldn’t uncover this lady. Mahi says don’t have any idea what to do. Satya says we need to accomplish something important, and inquires as to whether you are with me. Mahi says I am with you generally.

Satya welcomes the watchers for Shaurya and Mahek’s marriage tomorrow.


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