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Kundali Bhagya Thursday 25th November 2021 Written Episode

This Is Fate Tuesday 21st December
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Kundali Bhagya Thursday 25th November 2021: Rishabh Ridge Rishabh Exits Sherlyn went to meet Prithvi. He said that he lost a good shoulder tag, he said the truth of their affair to Rishabh. He asked him what he said to Rishabh. He said that he told Rishabh that he only loved Prithvi, it was their baby, not from Rishabh. He asked him if he joked.

He rebuked him because he destroyed everything by his own hands. He said that he planted it at Luthra’s house to destroy them. He said that he destroyed his life. He counted his help at him. He asked him not to insane and just helped. He said that he was not outside and free to help him. He made him understand his mistake. He told him Rishabh knew all of his truth. Prithvi advised him to package his bag and leave Luthra’s house.

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Kundali Bhagya Thursday 25th November 2021:Surprisingly, Rishabh did not explain the truth of Sherlyn and came with his words once more. He was afraid to tell his true family. He seemed to leave home and did not reveal anything. Preeta and the whole family tried to stop Rishabh and the reason for his decision.

Preela Sherlyn’s question to know what the problem really is. Sherlyn didn’t expect Rishabh to leave home. He wondered if he really left home or went to shift him. He remained confused and silent. He was questioned by the family. What would be the next step of Sherlyn when he found Rishabh cleaned his own path? What will happen next if Rishabh comes out of the house? Continue to read.




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