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Little Singer Kulfi August 2022 Teasers

Little Singer Kulfi August 2022 Teasers
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Monday first August 2022
Nimrat swoons out and about subsequent to having a bad dream about Sikander and Kullfi; uninformed about the equivalent, Kullfi pursues the vehicle with Sikander’s banner on it. Kullfi discovers that Nimrat needs therapy for disease at the earliest; Nihalo requests that she sing at the Pathankot show when she begs her for cash.

Tuesday second August 2022
Bhalla takes Kullfi to sing at a show in Pathankot where Sikander is performing; Nihalo deceives Sikander about Nimrat to hold them back from meeting one another. Kullfi attempts to meet Sikander wanting to get some assistance from him for Nimrat’s treatment; Sittu reproaches Nihalo for deceiving Sikander and discovers that he is in Pathankot.

Wednesday third August 2022
Sikander engages the group at Pathankot with his splendid singing and has a startling gathering with Kullfi on the stage. Kullfi goes to Goddess Durga’s sanctuary to sing to gather cash for her mom’s medications; a terrible sign happens as Kullfi plays out the custom.

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Thursday fourth August 2022
Kullfi attempts to arrive at the emergency clinic, while Nimrat sets out looking for Kullfi; she sees Sikander in the vehicle and takes a stab at conversing with him. Loveleen won’t get Nimrat hospitalized; Sittu struggles with Nimrat’s downfall.

Friday fifth August 2022
Crushed by Nimrat’s death, Kullfi won’t light her burial service fire; Sikander dreams about Nimrat. Nihalo sincerely extorts Kullfi to pardon her; Loveleen stands up to Sikander with respect to Nimrat.

Monday eighth August 2022
Kullfi attempts to look for help from the police, however Nihalo blames her for attacking her. While Kullfi battles to control her desire to sing, Sikander assists Amyra with preparing for school; Loveleen learns some stunning news.

Tuesday ninth August 2022

Sittu redirects the consideration of the police and figures out how to escape alongside Kullfi; Nihalo and the police pursue Sittu. Sittu battles to track down Loveleen’s vehicle to save Kullfi; Loveleen chooses to head out in different directions from Sikander and packs her baggage.

Wednesday tenth August 2022
Loveleen educates Sikander’s family concerning his wrongdoings and goes out alongside Amyra; Sittu masks Kullfi as a kid to delude Nihalo. Sittu embarks to take Kullfi to Mumbai; Kullfi sheets the train headed for Mumbai.

Thursday eleventh August 2022
Kullfi is bothered as she loses her train ticket; Sittu laments not having the option to go with Kullfi. Kullfi escapes from the traveler’s grasp; on showing up in Mumbai, Kullfi becomes companions for certain children.

Friday twelfth August 2022
Kullfi supplicates at a mosque, wanting to meet her dad; Sikander also is in a similar mosque, petitioning rejoin with Amyra; Kullfi sees Sikander and hurries to meet him. Kullfi follows Sikander to his home; Sikander is astounded to track down Loveleen and Amyra at home.

Monday fifteenth August 2022
Kullfi arrives at Sikander’s loft after a canine grabs her sack containing Nimrat’s gifts. Sikander gives his songbook to Amyra and requests that she protect it; Kullfi chooses to look for Amyra’s assistance in tracking down her pack.

Tuesday sixteenth August 2022
Jagira comes to Kullfi’s guide when Loveleen chooses to get her captured; on discovering that Amyra is erroneously blaming Kullfi for ruining the songbook, Sikander constrains her to apologize to Kullfi. Amyra takes Kullfi to Sikander’s music room with an arrangement to place her in a difficult situation.

Wednesday seventeenth August 2022
Amyra celebrates as Sikander attacks Kullfi for hopping on his piano; Sikander requests that Loveleen support him in making Amyra a well known vocalist. Kullfi gets frustrated when Amyra assumes praise for the unexpected arranged by her for Sikander.

Thursday eighteenth August 2022
A frantic Kullfi sings out for help when she is caught inside a pothole; a few walkers attempt to contact her when it’s loaded up with water. Loveleen looks for Kullfi in the wake of discovering that she sings splendidly and plans to exploit her ability.

Friday nineteenth August 2022
Loveleen plans to involve Kullfi to seize a singing an open door for Amyra. Loveleen tricks Kullfi into singing and requests that she share every one of her mysteries; Sikander goes into the room simultaneously.

Monday 22nd August 2022
Loveleen takes a stab at convincing a hesitant Amyra to lip-sync to the tune she has previously recorded. Loveleen thoughtfully sends Sikander out with his family; Roshan and Devika show up at Loveleen’s home.

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