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Lock Down Love Story update Friday 18th March 2022

Lock Down Love Story update Friday 18th March 2022
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Lock Down Love Story update Friday 18th March 2022: The Episode begins with Dhruv admonishing Hulchul and Bablu. He questioned Bablu and checking Hulchul’s call log. He says the two of them captured Milky, I will let their reality know if they can’t say it. Nutan asks what do you mean. Dhruv gets Sonam out of the segregation net. Sheetal says everybody can get the crown, run quick. Dhruv says she has no crown, she was playing this dramatization to remain here. Dhruv says Sonam got Miljy grabbed, she is more hazardous than crown, Hulchul and Bablu assisted Sonam with returning and ruin our lives, then, at that point, they arranged Milky’s abducting. He chastens his companions.

He says I felt you will continuously trust me, regardless of whether my folks, you came in a way that would sound natural to Sonam and deceived me, did she serenade a mantra in your eyes. Bablu says she is certainly not a pariah, we respect her Bhabhi. Hulchul says we accept she is our Bhabhi even today, you were occupied in making her out of the city. Dhruv says Sonam, you grabbed my companions additionally, in any case, your reality is uncovered, what will you do now. Sonam cries.

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Smooth asks will you grab my significant other. She lifts hand on Sonam. Hulchul stops Milky. He says Dhruv ought to have halted this hand. Hulchul says Dhruv got caught in contempt. Smooth goes to Dhruv and says Sonam hijacked me, your companions were additionally with her, I was terrified. She embraces Dhruv.

Lock Down Love Story update Friday 18th March 2022: Dhruv says OK. Nutan slaps Hulchul and cries. She admonishes him a ton. She asks what connection do you have with this young lady, when Dhruv made her out, did she get agreeable with you both. Sonam checks Dhruv out. Sonam drones Ram charitra manas. She says you would have heard Tulsidas’ doha, you know have found out about evident companions, they are Dhruv’s actual companions and need him to come on right way. Shashi grins. Sonam says you don’t have the foggiest idea what your child was doing, you got visually impaired in disdain and narrow minded, you crossed the restrictions of disgrace and regard, you are criticizing me by connecting my name with them. Dhruv says Maryada is a major word, it sometimes falls short for you, I m embarrassed to hear it from you.

Dhruv says you ran from the house on marriage day and returned here by arranging, is this called Maryada. Hulchul applauds. He says amazing, you are showing great Maryada/limits, you can fault your companion and incredible love further, you called her an untouchable, we have done this for fellowship, we won’t uphold you assuming you are going on an off-base way, we did the phony dramatization, we called the phony police, we are not proficient ruffians, we did this so Sonam gets her privileges.

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He says you chided us, right, you tell everything to them, who was behind this. Shashi asks what is it that you need. Hulchul says ask him, who called me and asked me for hijacker’s number, who requested that I get Sonam seized, who requested that I get the container and keep it close to Sonam, who did this preparation, who needed Sonam to get abducted, request that he tell you. Sonam says Hulchul… He says not today, truth should come out, that ruffian is Dhruv, he needed Sonam to get grabbed, Milky got hijacked accidentally.

Lock Down Love Story update Friday 18th March 2022: Nutan asks who will trust you now. Shashi requests that Dhruv say its obviously false, you can’t fall so low, is Hulchul saying reality. Dhruv says OK, its right, I arranged Sonam’s abducting, I needed to send her to Mumbai. Everybody is stunned. Dhruv says I did well, I don’t lament, I will rehash this to make her out of my life. Sonam says you fell so down. Dhruv says you tumbled down when you made meextremely upset, you left the marriage, I disdain the word love, as a result of you, everything is known now, escape this house now.

Shashi says Sonam will not go anyplace, we will have a democratic done to know whether she will go or not.


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