Lock Down Love Story update Tuesday 22nd March 2022

Lock Down Love Story update Friday 18th March 2022
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Lock Down Love Story update Tuesday 22nd March 2022: The Episode begins with Nutan saying you might have told me previously, you got me offended. Sheetal says you didn’t allow me an opportunity to say anything. She says you can definitely relax, you resemble my mum. Nutan apologizes and embraces her. Sheetal says we need to do a ton. Shashi prepares a bed for Sonam. She says you have generally upheld me, why, by what connection, what do you respect me now, bahu or girl. He says I respect you bahu even presently, I will accept it until Dhruv acknowledges Milky as his significant other, however I can’t help you for a really long time, the individuals who fouled up, their reality should come out, sit back and relax, Mata Rani is with us. She cries and expresses gratitude toward him. He goes. Dhruv comes first floor. He sees Sonam dozing. He sits smoking.

He reviews their great minutes and grins. He reviews the marriage minutes and becomes furious. He returns. Sonam opens eyes and sees him. He goes to room and sees Milky dozing. He falls asleep on the love seat. Its morning, Sonam does the aarti. Nutan comes and says your father had provoked Shashi that doing puja so anyone might hear is an affectation, you are doing likewise now.

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Lock Down Love Story update Tuesday 22nd March 2022: She affronts Sonam. Sonam says Dhruv is harmed in this skirmish of truth and falsehoods, his mum can’t see his aggravation, get reality out, he isn’t any cash or land to grab and get him, he is a human, I can get him with adoration and confidence, I have come to join the wrecked connections of confidence, generally favor me. She cries. Nutan says you lied about ailment and returned home, you trust your adoration, on the off chance that confidence is broken for a really long time, love fakes down. Sonam says I have come here to draw out reality, I remembered anything, when Dhruv’s disarray closes, then perceive how my affection gets overwhelming his marriage with Milky. She requests that Nutan take aarti and not decline to it. Nutan takes aarti.

She chastens Sonam. Sonam says anything can happen any time, presumptuousness is awful, when I came here, I didn’t imagine that Dhruv will wed another person, however this has occurred, everybody will transform one day, you can refute truth, one day reality will come out. She takes care of the laddoo to Nutan. Nutan says the day you came in this house, you are giving me challenges, I have addressed all your test well, disappear, what’s left here. Sonam says my confidence is still there in certain individuals of this house, else how could anybody vote in favor of me, I m sure of it, I challenge you, you can’t keep your lie as truth.

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Lock Down Love Story update Tuesday 22nd March 2022: Nutan applauds. She says Sheetal, Milky and I had intended to cause Milky to sit in the mandap, it was our arrangement to supplant you in mandap, you are done now, how might you demonstrate that I deceived you, is there any evidence. She takes her telephone. Sonam requests that she bring telephone back. Nutan returns the telephone. She says you think we are fools, I know this, how might you demonstrate, that we tricked you and sent you for make up. Sonam reviews. Nutan says you didn’t rest there, you were blacked out. Sonam is stunned.

Nutan says we will have a throw, you will get Dhruv assuming that you win. She flips the coin. Sonam looks on.


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