Lost in Love update Monday 25th April 2022

Lost In Love On Star Life Monday 3rd May 2022 Update
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Lost in Love update Monday 25th April 2022: Aaba attempts to slap Jagtap when he affronts him. Jagtap holds his hand and requests that Virat make sense of him. Virat gives him a tight slap and cautions him that assuming he attempts to menace Sayi or any Gadchiroli young lady, he will place him in prison and torment him. He leaves with Aaba grinning.

Jagtap figures Virat will pay for it. At Pakhi’s home, Badimaa supports her and Samrat’s coalition and says they look great together. Pakhi’s dad/Patil requests that Pakhi contact her parents in law’s feet and take their favors. Pakhi heads towards Mansi when Ninad stops and says for them Badimaa is first and rest of all straightaway. Virat and Pakhi take Badimaa’s gifts first and afterward other’s favors. Shanti bua jokes not to call her bua as they are of practically same age. Badimaa lets Patil know that they ought to perform fast commitment and wedding. Patil concurs.

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Lost in Love update Monday 25th April 2022: Pakhi strolls on street with her companion to check her test brings about web community when Jagtap with his hooligans stops her and teases. She cautions him to mind his business and inquires as to whether morning’s slap or Virat offending him and his dad as insufficient. Jagtap blows up and hauls towards jeep saying he will wed her at the present time. She pulls her shoe and slaps him. He lashes out and attempts to toss her in jeep when they police alarm and junior hooligans request that he leave soon before Samrat sees them.

Jagtap cautions Pakhi that he allowed her 7 days, 5 days have gotten done and she has 2 days left, he will wed her on third day before everybody. Virat with Aaba passes by asking Aaba since when Jagtap is alarming Sayi. Aaba says 3 years and he is inconvenient to even Vital as he has documented arguments against him and requirements to go to Nagpur for 2-3 days for legal dispute. He additionally welcomes Virat for pooja at his home. They see Sayi in shock on street, and Aaba asks what has been going on with her. Sayi yells at Viat that everything is a result of him, assuming he had endorse Aaba’s VRS, they would have been in Nagpur. Aaba cautions her to act with sir, yet Sayi proceeds and leaves. Aaba apologizes Virat and says she is a youngster. Virat says he comprehends.

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At Virat’s home, family begins wedding game plans. Badimaa’s insults proceed. Mansi illuminates Samrat that wedding muhurat is following 3 days. Samarat says he won’t wed until Viraat comes, calls Viratg and illuminating him about his wedding requests to bring 3 days’ leave and returned home soon. Virat concurs. Radiant calls Viraat next and illuminates him that Pakhi stays in Nagpur. Virat says where will he find her in such a major Napur. Sayi enters and hears him. He inquires as to for what reason did she come here.

Lost in Love update Monday 25th April 2022: She irately says Aaba gave him prasad. Virat recollects Aaba welcoming him for pooja and says he doesn’t require it. Sayi powerfully keeps it on eating table and leaves saying she won’t ever come here from this point onward. She returns back home and exhaust shouting at Virat before Usha. Virat strolls in. Once more, their contention begins. Virat surrenders prasad box to her and leaves. Sayi says he returned box incomplete. Usha opens box and seeing dry natural product in it says he is very much refined and realizes one shouldn’t return box vacant.

Precap: Pakhi’s mom asks her not to ride in 2 boats and whenever god has given an open door not to release it. Virat illuminates Sayi that he will be with her entire day to safeguard her according to Aaba’s organization. Pakhi supposes in the event that she meets Virat, she will address him without a doubt.


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