Lost in Love update Thursday 21st April 2022

Lost In Love On Star Life Monday 3rd May 2022 Update
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Lost in Love update Thursday 21st April 2022 Ninad illuminates Viraat how he headed a tactical activity against fear mongers and lost 3 of his jawaans, how one of his jawaan lost his life attempting to safeguarding him and bearing shot on himself. He proceeds with that he broke after that and took exiting the workforce. He gives up slug to him and asks not to be defeatist like him and to battle boldly like his uncle DCP Nagesh Chavan. Viraat consoles him. He then prepares and strolls down with his sacks when Devyani joyfully embraces him and inquires as to whether he failed to remember his gift. He asks what gift. She says she would rather not tell that he will track down a spouse for her. Badimaa admonishes her that she won’t wed. Devyani blows up on her, however Ashwini handles circumstance, gives laddoo box to Virat and wishes him good luck.

Lost in Love update Thurday 21st April 2022: Pakhi’s mom demands her to visit salon and prepare as kid’s family is coming to see her. Pakhi stands up to. Mother says kid’s family is Nagpur most regarded Chavan family and she would be glad to be related with them. Dad goes about as chiding her and says she ought to comply with her mom, then quietly says she can dismiss the kid. After at some point, Pakhi’s companion comes to meet her. Pakhi illuminates her about Virat. Companion recommends her to call yoga focus and take Virat’s number. Pakhi calls yoga focus, however secretary denies to share client’s very own number. She then calls teacher who consents to message Virat’s number.

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Virat’s family enthusiastically trusts that Samrat will visit young lady/Pakhi’s home. Samrat who is exceptionally happy arrives at home early and seeing house cleaner conveying food says he was missing Ashwini maami’s #1 food. He crunches food and requests that servant get one more thali. Badimaa strolls in and asks when did he come and for what reason didn’t he welcome her yet. He contacts her feet and says he didn’t bring gifts with the exception of her, so he came early. Family joins. They all cheer and offer passionate holding with him. Mansi illuminates him that they are taking him to see young lady for him as they are fixing his marriage. Samrat falters, yet concurs.

Virat arrives at Gadchiroli in a taxi when he gets Sunny’s call and picks energetically it Pakhi’s number to think Sunny found. Samrat talks. Virat gets blissful hearing his amigo. Samrat illuminates him that he will see a young lady with family, and so on. Sayi with Usha strolls on road when Virat’s vehicle sprinkles soil on her and she irately strolls to Virat shouting at him, however occupied on telephone Viraat doesn’t see her and vehicle hurries away. He arrives at police headquarters where he sees constable not paying vehicle fair and undermining driver to leave. Driver hollers that all police officers are same and don’t pay.

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Lost in Love update Thursday 21st April 2022 Virat pays fair and says all police officers are not same. He enters police headquarters and sees constable admonishing different partners to work quick as new ACP is coming. He takes constable’s wallet and drawing cash from it illuminates that he is reclaiming his cash. Constable shouts who is he. Virat illuminates he is new ACP. Everybody show respect to him. Virat chastens them for being unrestrained. Aaba enters and gets cheerful seeing him. He welcomes Viraat. Viraat chastens him for defying norms and hauling a criminal to police cuffing him to jeep. Aaba says he doesn’t know the exact thing had occurred, however Viraat gets inflexible that he can’t defy norms out of the blue. Aaba drops him to his quarter and illuminates him about DM coordinating his felicitation service. Viraat apologizes Aaba and says he is pleased see his guide back. Aaba reminds him what had occurred in police headquarters. Viraat says Aaba helped him to keep obligation and feelings isolated. Aaba recalls his lessons and feels pleased for Viraat.

Precap: Viraat arrives at felicitation scene where host report s that Sayi will congratulate him. Sayi flies off the handle seeing him. Pakhi calls Viraat and he furiously asks who is it. Pakhi unfortunately separates call saying incorrectly number. Sayi discourteously requests that Viraat twist his head for laurel.


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