Love Thy Woman MaxTv Full Story Synopsis, Episodes & Casts

Love Thy Woman MaxTv Full Story Synopsis Episodes & Casts:
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Love Thy Woman MaxTv Full Story Synopsis Episodes & Casts:

Love Thy Woman is the new Philippine drama Dana and Jia are stepsisters of half-Chinese, half-Filipino plunge being prepped to work and some time or another head the multi-million land business their dad laid out. In spite of having various childhoods, the two of them grew up having charm and intelligence.Jia earned her education in inside plan at a nearby college, while Dana completed Architecture in California where she went gaga for an individual Chinese named David. This experience before long prompted a great matrimonial between the two families, which sadly finishes in a sad auto collision making Dana fall into a profound coma.After almost an extended period of unprofitable endeavors to prompt Dana out of the extreme lethargies, her family chose to before long end her suffering.During these inwardly trying times, Jia and David shaped an improbable fellowship that in the end bloomed into affection. However, what future anticipates the two as cruel virtues and an unforeseen wonder confounds their prohibited issue?

Jia Wong and Dana Wong are stepsisters and girls of Chinese Filipino independent extremely rich person Adam Wong with two unique ladies. Jia’s mom is Kai Estrella, Adam’s paramour, and Dana’s mom is Lucy Gongsu Wong, Adam’s better half. The Wong girls are delightful, enchanting, and shrewd, prepped to lead and head Dragon Empire Builders, a multi-million peso land business laid out by Adam.

Adam recognizes his relationship with Kai and his little girl Jia, who structure part of the Wong close family, going to all family and get-togethers. Adam’s better half, Lucy, isn’t unsettled about this however swallows her hatred and acknowledges their consistent presence in their lives.

Lucy comes from a well off Singaporean family, her Filipino mother was one of her dad’s spouses. Her mom leaves and Lucy is raised by her Chinese Singaporean dad who despises and doubts Filipinos (counting Chinese Filipinos). So when Lucy experiences passionate feelings for Adam, her dad abandons and reviles her. Lucy at no point ever sees her family in the future. After Adam’s tactlessness with Kai, Lucy considers it to be the unwinding of her dad’s revile. Compelled to acknowledge her better half’s courtesan, the two families coincide under Adam’s consideration. Since Adam is a conspicuous financial specialist, society acknowledges Kai as Adam’s partner with a spot in the social design.

Love thy lady MaxTv full story proceeds, Jia is an inside creator. Dana completed engineering in Singapore where she meets and experiences passionate feelings for David Chao.

Dana becomes pregnant with David and several designs to wed. As a component of a pre-wedding custom, the families have the couple’s fortune read. The Seer cautions them of the revile and asks them to stop the wedding. Regardless of Lucy’s fears, Adam doesn’t have faith in the revile and the wedding follows. The “Wedding of the Year” starts like a fantasy, and finishes in an unfortunate auto crash, leaving Dana in a profound unconsciousness. Clinical specialists from various nations step in with present day medicines yet it’s not possible for anyone to prompt Dana out of her sluggish state. The Wongs and the Chaos watch over Dana for north of a year. Lucy accepts that the revile is working.

Love Thy Woman MaxTv Full Story Synopsis Episodes & Casts
It was during this close to home time that Jia and David’s common sorrow of perhaps losing Dana, blooms into an unlawful undertaking which brings about disorder inside the family. Brutal judgment by Adam and Lucy and Jia’s disappointment over deceiving her “A Ci Dana” (articulated A-chi), drive Kai and Jia to pass on the Wongs to begin another life on their own in Singapore. Jia finds she is pregnant with David’s child and makes progress as a furniture fashioner, opening a furniture store with her chief, Richie Tan. In any case, regardless of her prosperity, the revile follows her as she experiences bosom disease and loses her child.

In the mean time in Manila, Dana emerges from her trance state. As she recuperates, she is interested about what occurred during the year and a half she was sleeping. Nobody can offer her a straight response on why Jia and Kai left. Not accepting that her dad ousted Jia for branching out all alone, Dana becomes dubious of David having an unsanctioned romance and that Jia’s vanishing is connected with David’s close to home distance.

While David attempts to compensate for his rashness by adhering to their marriage, Dana’s fixation to get reality drives her to abuse David. He thinks about petitioning for an abrogation. Adam and Lucy are blissful about this since they have not pardoned David for his treachery of Dana.

In the midst of the unrest in their marriage, it is uncovered that Jia’s child didn’t bite the dust. Kai’s sibling Harry hijacked the child and was given to Lucy in return for cash for Jia’s malignant growth treatment. Unbeknownst to everybody aside from Lucy, the newborn child is left at the door of Wong’s home and taken on by David and Dana.

In Singapore, Jia recuperates from her sickness and along with Richie Tan, opens RJ&E Design, a furniture plan, and assembling organization that turns into the most looked for furniture creator in Asia.

Love Thy Woman MaxTv Full Story Synopsis Episodes & Casts:
In Manila, Dana is in line to turn into the following CEO of Dragon Empire Builders once Adam reports his retirement. Spurred to grow and expand their deals as VP of Operations, Dana is set on a brand union with RJ&E Design. After a few endeavors for a gathering to present a proposition, Lucy and Dana fly to Singapore and find that Jia is the proprietor. Jia turns down their proposition. In the wake of educating Adam concerning their fruitless proposition, Adam makes his very own few requests and finds Jia is the proprietor. He travels to Singapore and they have a blissful gathering. Flushed with feelings in the wake of being isolated for 10 years, he persuades Jia to get back to Manila with the guarantee to safeguard her from Lucy and Dana. Jia concedes her rashness to Dana, wanting to be liberated from the revile.

From keeping Chinese practices and Filipino qualities alive to adjusting to the evolving times, Love Thy Woman, a family adventure spreading over two ages, investigates love’s clouded side and the tricky extremity of treachery. A family’s excursion to mending the errors and injuries of the past.

Love Thy Woman Series: Details Cast & Real Names

Kim Chiu as Jia Wong


Kim Chiu as Jia Wong

2. Xian Lim as David Chao

2. Xian Lim as David Chao

3. Yam Concepcion as Dana Wong

Kim Chiu as Jia Wong

4. Christopher De Leon  as Adam Wong

4. Christopher De Leon  as Adam Wong

5. Eula Valdez as Lucy Wong

.5. Eula Valdez as Lucy Wong.

6. Sunshine Cruz as Kai Estrella

6. Sunshine Cruz as Kai Estrella

7. Ruffa Guttierez as Amanda Del Mundo

 7. Ruffa Guttierez as Amanda Del Mundo

. Zsa Zsa Padilla as Helen Chao

. Zsa Zsa Padilla as Helen Chao

She is Adam’s ill-conceived girl with her Filipino mother, Kai, and Dana’s more youthful stepsister. She is an inside planner who moved on from the University of the Philippines and is in rivalry with her sister to assume control over the family’s land organization, Dragon Empire Builders. She winds up going gaga for her sister’s better half.

He is Helen’s child and Dana’s better half. He fills in as an independent engineer fashioner who moved on from Singapore. He winds up becoming hopelessly enamored with Jia, bringing about their issue.

Love Thy Woman MaxTv Full Story Synopsis Episodes & Casts:
She is Adam’s authentic girl with his Chinese-Filipina spouse, Lucy. She hence the authentic beneficiary of the Wong family and functions as the Vice-President of Operations in Dragon Empire Builders. As Jia’s more seasoned relative and David’s significant other, she experiences their treachery.


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