Married Again On Zee World Monday 27th June 2022 Update

Married Again On Zee World Tuesday 21st June 2022 Update
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Married Again On Zee World Monday 27th June 2022 Update: While they are looking for ansh, in their vehicle, arti is extremely strained about what prashant has as a primary concern. She calls up shobha who tells her that the last call, prashant made, she could hear a mosque behind the scenes and furthermore youngsters’ playing. Arti tells yash to go to the jungle gym close to the school.

Prashant attempts to get ansh on his side, showing his pics with arti at their wedding. Ansh inquires as to why isnt he in these photographs. Prashant says that children come after guardians wed. He asks why he was in yash and arti’s marriage then. Prashant lets him know that it was arti’s subsequent marriage and that the initial time was the genuine one when she wedded him. ansh anyway fights back, saying that where was he when he called for him during his experience growing up and why and where had he gone, subsequent to leaving arti and himself.

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He embraces ansh and attempts to let him know that he would give him each extravagance from this point forward and for that he had left arti and ansh, to have the option to bring in cash
for them. However, she didnt hang tight for himself and wedded yash because of his cash. yash too wedded arti for his need of a child. He attempts to make ansh think about regrettable thoughts that his mom sold ansh, for cash. However, ansh doesnt pay attention to him, saying that his folks love him definitely. yet, prashant still continues impelling ansh saying his mom lied and not him, and for that she was rebuffed by suraj as well. he embraces ansh, who doesnt appear to know whats occurring.

In the interim, yash and arti arrive at the jungle gym and quickly search around for ansh. While ansh is with prashant, arti spots them and shouts to him. Prashant promptly changes his temperament, and says that ansh was feeling hungry and consequently he got him some frozen yogurt. He attempts to give ansh a gift, yet she discards everything and removes him. Ansh coming back, relates what prashant told him and arti is infuriated that prashant said this to ansh and attempted to ruin his psyche.

Married Again On Zee World Monday 27th June 2022 Update: Arti returns to prashant and criticizes him for having placed wrong thoughts in his mind. Be that as it may, prashant dishonestly blames her for being from a humble family, and subsequently wedding yash for his cash and being a low standard young lady like her, never truly cherished yash, just wedded him for his cash and status. Arti slaps him genuine hard and he compromises her that she would need to bear the results. at the point when she will slap in the future, he holds her hand and doesnt let go in any event, when she and ansh made a solid attempt. Arti, whose hand prashant has held requesting that she hit him, grabs her hand away from him and takes ansh and starts to leave. When prashant attempts to follow them, yash mediates and tosses him on the ground compromising that assuming he at any point attempted to upset anyone from his family once more, he would kill him. yash leaves with arti and ansh.

Prashant who is lying on the ground is helped out by suraj in having the option to get up. at the point when he is befuddled concerning why suraj is helping him, suraj settles his questions refering to his desired motivation to recover yash from arti and prashant needs vengeance from the young lady who removed his child from him and offended him before everybody and thusly they can make an agreement to help one another.

Scene 3:
Area: Yash’s home
While the young ladies are playing, ansh and arti are in a sulken mind-set. Yash comes and arti lets him know that what occurred among them and prashant before ansh, has impacted ansh harshly. Yash attempts to get ansh additionally to cooperate with them. He attempts to include ansh and the young ladies likewise into a word game that quickly gets ansh drawn in and occupied too from his past occupation. arti too goes along with them for their further happiness. When yash blames her for cheating, she starts to say that EVERYTHING IS FAIR IN… and afterward stops halfway, at long last saying MAA ki MAMTA. yash attempts to get hr to encourage saying that she adores their kids, yet she doesnt love her better half for example yash. Yet, arti is still somewhat strained.

Scene 4:
Area: In the jungle gym
Prashant says that he would annihilate arti and get every single payback, for anything she has doen to him. Suraj concurs saying that it would satisfy two assignments, his vengeance and suraj’s child returning to his loved ones. Prashant asks how might this occur. Suraj says that arti’s greatest strength is yash’s affection and his help, however everybody has specific shortcomings as well. Suraj helps prashant to remember an old story where the sovereign’s spirit was caught in a parrot and at whatever point the parrot was upset or tormented, the sovereign herself submitted to each torment by the catcher. This sets prashant to considering every option. The screen freezes all over.

Precap: Prashant gives arti a legitimate notification refering to it as a vengeance for her slap. at the point when she understands it, she is frightened to find that prashant has applied to the court for ansh’s guardianship. Prashant says that this has been finished since ansh is his child and he would get him back from her. Arti is stunned.

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