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Meet in love update Wednesday 28th July 2022: Meet in Sunaina and Tej room. According to meet, so there were no places of offer and residing alone in notice, it was that you and Tej are still lawfully hitched. Sunaina says OK, yet it’s an unfortunate mix-up. Meet Ahlawat with Babita in her room. Babita says there was no misconception, Raj took a significant choice on a notification by Sunaina, after numerous years I got my Tej back and he took choices to of sending him away again without conversing with me. Meet Ahlawat says Dad will do nothing. Babita says on the off chance that Tejus will go, I’ll leave as well. Meet shares with Sunaina you will stay put, give me your legal advisors number. Sunaina give her card.

Meet Ahlawat shares with Babita don’t stress we will track down a way. Raj at entryway says choice is been taken and presently I’ll not alter my perspective to my and I won’t prevent anybody from going out.

Endlessly meet Ahlawat in room. Meet says legal counselor change the notification content, somebody should have request that he do, however who will make it happen. Meet Ahlawat says Ravi. Meet says no he will attempt to take just Sunaina not Tej. He says rationale. She says there is another person with benifit. Meet Ahlawat says who is to be profited from this activity, after father has taken the choice so property will part into Tej, me and Masum. The two of them pause and get amazed says Masum and the two of them get static shock. Meet Ahlawat ask what happen were on Masum, says in the event that I converse with Masum. She says no, first we ought to affirm. He says however at that point the way in which we will be aware and contact her, gets shock. Meet yells and says we will be aware. Meet Ahlawat move towards her however Meet step back on account of shock and the two of them begin thinking. Meet says how about we actually look at Masum’s telephone. He aays it’s incomprehensible she don’t give her telephone to anybody. Meet says we will sort out proceed to cut power of house. He leave.

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Masum in her room acting shares with Hoshiyar I’ll be late drom party so if it’s not too much trouble, deal with Duggu and the following are not many change and leaves. Masum call Hoshiyar and he awaken from his fantasy. Masum tells him Dad has chosen to give me share from his property, I figured he won’t give yet at long last he chose to part in three of us and the two of them lie on bed and power go. Masum says go switch on light. Hoshiyar says all that ir spinning. Masum get’s up and really look at the switch however it doesn’t turn on so she go out to check for principal switch.

Masum in corridor hear frightening voices, she keep on moving. Two individuals behind her hidden as phantom. Masum turn and see nobody says Hoshiyar quit alarming me. Masum see shadows and get frightened says I can see two heads and 4 hands what sort of creature is this. Endlessly meet Ahlawat hop alarm her, she drops her telephone and run. Meet says here is her telephone and she will not recollect for quite a while in view of being frightened and till that time we will take care of our responsibilities.

Meet in love update Wednesday 28th July 2022; Masum in lobby yells phantom. Ragini and Sunaina strolls to her expresses out loud whatever occur. Masum tells Ragini nothing happens great in this house and where is my telephone.

Endlessly meet Ahlawat checks telephone says we didn’t track down the quantity of Kushal Bajaj.

Everybody at eating table. Raj says start your morning meal. Masum says how might we start without mother we never did. Ragini says I’ll proceed to get her. Raj says no need things are now changing in house so let it be and get use to it. Masum says however change is great yet this don’t feel right, don’t have the foggiest idea who reviled us. Hoshiyar says child you. Masum begin hacking. Hoshiyar says I ment you are correct. Meet Ahlawat yells pay attention to me. Meet in passageway with stick. Everybody checks them out. Meet says I don’t need yo listen you and go ground floor. Meet Ahlawat stop her.

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Meet says listen I’ll not leave that legal counselor when I’ll beat him then he will tell who is working with him in view of him our family is parting, and I won’t leave the individual who has held hands with him and strolls to Masum. Masum gets terrified. Meet make a move yo hit her. Masum says kindly don’t hit me. Raj expresses out loud whatever occur. Masum begin acting and gets amusing. Meet beginning expressing again about that legal counselor and will track down about deceiver. Meet Ahlawat says no you shouldn’t accept regulation in your grasp. Raj says no Meet it’s not the attorneys shortcoming. Meet says I simply need yo bring truth infront of you, he fouled up I’ll not leave him. Masum says Meet bhabhi for what reason do you do such things which ruin the standing of our family, fail to remember it. Meet says I did nothing the backstabber did and I’ll go to any degree to draw out the double crosser and begin leaving. Meet Ahlawat strolls to her. Masum terrified and tells Raj my telephone battery is low I’ll proceed to charge it.

Masum proceed to call Bajaj expresses go out and apparition everybody for few days in light of the fact that my Meet Bhabhi is searching for you, you don’t realize she is thug of Shahbadh she will hit you and make you say all that I request that you change the substance of notice. Meet’s telephone on speaker and everybody hear her.

Raj says from opposite end yes Masum, I’m staggered in the wake of hearing you, descend I want to talk. Smash says Masum did extremely awful, she shouldn’t have done that. Hoshiyar brings Masum says you need to go down Raj needs to talk yo you. Masum go to Raj says let me make sense of. Raj says I’m not that shock since you did this before however I’m harmed a ton, I feel embarrassed about myself as a result of you, is this sort of childhood I gave you. Meet says I would rather not hurt you however it’s important to draw out reality on account of all of you are together and I don’t maintain that you should accept wrong choice without truth, you are like god to us. Raj says thank you from preventing me from taking incorrectly choice, yet how could you realize Masum is behind this. Meet says me and Meet Ahlawat thought carefully and figure out that Tej don’t require property share, Meet Ahlawat can’t imagine that and just you is left for that we slice power yesterday to check your telephone, yes yesterday everything was arranged yet subsequent to looking such a lot of I didn’t find Bajajs number and make sense of everybody how she deceived Masum… .(Endlessly meet Ahlawat see Masum has saved legal counselor number as handyman and add Raj’s number with attorneys name in Masum’s telephone.)…

Meet in love update Wednesday 28th July 2022: Meet says she did this so nobody finds out about it and this is the manner by which we looked into this. Hoshiyar says yet Meet how did Raj’s number come there. Meet expresses being with Masum I likewise learn not many stunts, I changed the number so that when she call handyman Raj will get call, tells Raj I did this so you don’t do a mix-up. Hoshiyar says to Meet Ahlawat your better half beat mine. Meet Ahlawat says she is shrewd. Isha says you are correct bhaiya and addressed all the matter like cop. Babita tells Raj now you will change the choice. Masum says I’m sorry father if it’s not too much trouble, pardon me. Raj push her hand. Masum apologize to Babita. Meet says don’t pardon Masum this time.


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