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Mismatched Friday 26th November 2021 :The episode begins with Anokhi saying this accusation a lie, I can not do this against my family. Shaurya says yes, why he did this, how Priyanka change the statement, maybe he had some pressure. Alok told me when I say I am telling the truth, then Priyanka tell the truth, now she has become a liar. Shaan asked why Priyanka attract media and students. Alok said Anokhi told him.

Anokhi said I wanted to talk with Priyanka once. Alok argued. Shagun said Anokhi should have the opportunity also, I will call Priyanka. Priyanka come. Tej asked her to just tell the truth. Anokhi ask you why you do this. Shagun says I’m going to ask him, I’m neutral in this case. He asked Priyanka to not be afraid.

Shagun asked him to say whether he wrote the letter himself. Priyanka said yes. Concerns Anokhi. Shagun asks if Anokhi forcing it. Priyanka says I have a recording of Anokhi. Shagun play the recording. Everyone was surprised. PRIYANKA recall to Shagun to blame Anokhi. Shagun says do not think about Anokhi, think of yourself, you are unable to pay biayamu. He asked Priyanka to decide, if he was happy to make alok apologize, then remember that everyone will forget everything in two days, if he chooses to blame Anokhi, then he will get a scholarship and a job for his brother. He tore the letter of apology.

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Mismatched Friday 26th November 2021 : Shagun go to Alok. He said we have an audio recording of the debate competition Anokhi. They hear the audio Anokhi. Alok say I will edit this audio, do not worry. Shagun requested Priyanka to check the recording, play in the meeting. Fb ended. Everyone was surprised. Anokhi asked what the crap, I did not do this. He asked Priyanka to say something. Alok said Anokhi is cunning. Tej Anokhi rebuked for his hatred. He said I did not know you could fall into this level to malign us, you sharply in conspiring against anybody. Anokhi asked her to get test the authenticity of the recording. He asked Shaurya to believe it. Shaan says I believe Anokhi, he will never be able to do things cheap.

Alok say Wow, I am your brother, you do not believe me, do you believe Anokhi, the better I do not have a brother like you. Anokhi cry. Shagun requested Priyanka to go. Tej and everyone goes. Anokhi ask Shaurya to believe it. Shaurya go. Shaan Anokhi hug and console. Vineet asked what, wedding Ahir and Babli. Sharma said yes, they were married this week.

Vineet said that I would see them. Anokhi call Shaurya. Reema says I know they are one of the accusations, I’m with you then, I’ll tell him. Anokhi said there was no point. Kitty and Bebo comes with the students, and protests against Anokhi.

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Shaan ask everyone to return to their classes. He asked Anokhi’s not afraid of them. He said no, I’m not afraid of them, I know I did nothing wrong, I need Shaurya with me today. He says maybe he’s home. They go home. Devi said I was worried for Shaurya, she was embarrassed after Anokhi do this. Tej and everyone is talking. Tej said I doubted Alok. Alok Shagun thanks for all the help.

He says it’s okay. Gayatri Devi and Kanchan ask to see what Anokhi for violating family. Anokhi and Shaan come. Anokhi Devi stop. He says if you can make cheap plans for insults us, then we do not have a place for you here. Shaan says he is to our shoulders.

Mismatched Friday 26th November 2021 : Devi asking her to not speak of them. Anokhi said I do not want to say anything, you would think I was lying. Tej said not to say anything, we will not believe you, our family will be damaged because of you, pack your bags and go. Anokhi said I would go, but before that, I want to meet Shaurya. Devi said she was not at home, he was very shy at work, he did not return home, do not know where he is, before he returned to the house and your emotional blackmail, just wrap you

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