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Mismatched Friday 3rd December 2021: The episode begins with Babli Anokhi call and ask where you are. Anokhi say I’m busy and can not call, I’m looking for Aastha. Babli lie about his country. Anokhi said I would not go back home today, take care. He thought about Ahir and said he saved me. He gave a note and rose to nurse. He said to give it to the man who saved my life, tell him that I thank them. The nurse went to Shaurya and said Anokhi has been sent, he said thank you.

Shaurya say thank you. He thought this strange girl, he gives credit to the ACP and then eventually. He said he gave me roses today. He read the notes for Ahir. He crushes a note and said he thinks the ACP save his life, of course, I’m not going to save him. He garbage roses. Ahir spoke on the call about Aastha. He said okay, I will reach there. He said no, I could not make this mistake again, I will go and confirm first, they were worried, why to their problems. He goes.

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Alok told me I’ve got here, I’m going before Shaan, come quickly. He saw Aastha. Shaan come there and meet Aastha. Alok stops. Shaan asks whether you care for the other emotions. She hugs him and cries. He said Shaurya got scared and wild looking for you. She asks what. He smiled. He says do not do this again. He said sorry, I’m so emotional and impulsive for the first time. He said I could understand, come. He said I would not come with you. Shaan says come for this Shaurya, another guilt and the quest will not end. He saw Alok there and ask what you’re doing here.

Mismatched Friday 3rd December 2021 Alok say I came to find him, Gayatri told me that Aastha here, so I also came here, I took a shortcut risk to come here, I’ll go and tell everyone. Ahir came there. He spoke to Aastha. He said Anokhi and Shaurya so worried for you, they’re in the hospital now. Anokhi pray for Aastha. Shaurya think why I wait here, I may not have to go. Ahir told them everything about the unrest. Aastha says I should meet Anokhi, please take me there. Shaurya go to Anokhi. They argued. She scolds him for stupidity. He says you blame Ahir, he saved my life, do not know what will happen to me. He is angry. He says you also hurt. He said no. He takes matters.

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He says I’m a stone heart, I do not feel the pain, so I’m leaving you in the riot, right. He asks what is your problem. He says you know what I went through, I might never be able to tell you if something happens to you, then … he got a call from Ahir. He took the call. He asks if you find Aastha. Ahir said yes, I’m with him. He says you find it, send me your address, I’ll come. Ahir said stay there, I’m getting him. Shaurya hear this. Anokhi said Ahir increasingly Aastha, you’re not happy. He said that good, I am very happy, no one can accuse me now. He went out and cries remembering Aastha. Maai Chunariya teri … .plays …

He saw Aastha come and skin. Aastha turns to look. He met Anokhi. He said sorry, you fall into trouble because of me. Anokhi smooth words. He thanked Ahir. Ahir thanks Shaan to find Aastha. He said I should go, glad your family reunion was going on. Anokhi think Shaurya was selfish and did not come to see her mother. Shaan requested by Aastha Anokhi to stay for a few days at his flat. He said Aastha will not return until the culprit who shot caught.

Mismatched Friday 3rd December 2021 Anokhi said okay, I will inform my sister. The nurse asks Anokhi come to the test. Anokhi see Shaurya outside. He asks her to go and rest, he will feel good. He refused and said I always followed my heart, I will always do so, on the day I felt I had to apologize to someone, then no one will need to tell me. He scolds him. Alok looks on. Aastha and Shaan come. Aastha screaming …. She scolds Anokhi Anokhi to speak with Shaurya so rude. Shaurya looks on.

Anokhi say you are right, I have not told so, he’s your son, I’m not a family member. Devi said Alok, Anokhi is a great strain for us now.


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