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Mismatched Monday 20th December 2021:The Episode starts with Anokhi saying we were travelling in the train at the same time, thanks for saving my life in the riots. Shaurya says it wasn’t a favor. She thanks him for saving her from goons and from rustication. He says I would do that for any student. She says whatever I did was for… He says for Aastha, we will need some time, aren’t you feeling hungry. She says yes, I want to reach Chandigarh soon. He says we will have some food. She says it will be time waste. He asks her to have some snacks. She asks protein bar. He says yes, its my interesting food. She thanks him.He checks and says we are at some place where there is no network, we took a wrong turn. She says not us, you took a wrong turn, people go to Chandigarh without using the app. He thinks I have to control this. Shaan comes home and gives a bouquet to Aastha. She asks what’s all this. He says a try to start afresh with you. She says we can start from where we left. He says we can start from the beginning. Anokhi says we came at the same point, ask someone to get help, don’t tell anyone that you are Shaurya, no one will judge you. He says we will try once again. He thinks she didn’t ask me and finished the protein bar.

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Aastha says we have moved on now. Shaan says yes, we can go ahead, divorce is just a paper, it doesn’t end relations, I had paid a debt, now I feel at peace, I want to stay free and happy. She says I have stopped thinking so. He says we can be friends, can I have dinner with my friends, I got your fav chinese with me, don’t worry. She cries.

Mismatched Monday 20th December 2021:Kitty says we are not playing any games, everyone enjoys a lot. Bebo says we will play a game. They play a bollywood guessing game. Bebo and Anmol have a chat. Shaurya says there is no road sign, we need to get petrol. She says you said not every trip should be adventurous. He says sorry to be rude. She says don’t say sorry many times. He says don’t call me Sir. He thinks she forgot. Shaan and Aastha have a talk. Tej says Shaan and Shaurya didn’t come. Devi says they will not forget to come home. He says tell me if they come home. He goes. Shaurya says don’t call me Professor. Anokhi says fine, we will think of something to use outside the college, we won’t meet often, is PS fine, Professor Shaurya.

He says anything will do than Sir, don’t threaten me again that you will leave the college, I m serious, I don’t want you to leave SIAC, I want you to complete your education, I think you have a great chance, promise me, you won’t leave your education. She says you promise me, you won’t say such things to anyone in the world.

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Aastha says I want to ask you something about Shaurya, why is he single. Shaan says he doesn’t like any girl, he was getting engaged to Shagun but it didn’t happen. Aastha says he started liking Anokhi. Shaan asks what, its not true. He says he was behaving strange, I m seeing him since few days, he came after us to stop Anokhi. He says its his guilt, I know Shaurya, he is my son, he doesn’t like strong independent women, he has an image of his wife, Anokhi doesn’t fit there, she is like you, he won’t like anyone who is like his mum. Aastha gets sad. Alok asks where is Shaurya. Devi asks him to have patience, if Shaurya said he will come, then he will come. He says he is giving you many surprises. Shaurya promises.

He asks Anokhi to find a different word. Aastha says its love, its not maths, its the beauty of love. Shaan says Shaurya can’t love Anokhi, Anokhi can’t fall for Shaurya, did you hear anything good from her side about him. She says complains also have love, I feel Anokhi is also feeling for Shaurya, maybe she doesn’t know, we explained her not to leave Chandigarh, she didn’t listen, she had listened to Shaurya.

Mismatched Monday 20th December 2021:Shaan says maybe she agreed because we also told so, this can’t happen. She says no, she took this decision by her heart. Shaan says I don’t want them to have any relation, I don’t want the same thing to happen with Anokhi, Shaurya isn’t like me. Shaurya stops the car. He says keep the car locked. She says Sir, PS, leave your ego and anger here. They smile. Kanchan and Gayatri have a talk about Devi. Gayatri says Shaan and Shaurya didn’t come, call Shaurya and ask where is he. Kanchan says maybe Anokhi refused to forgive him. Devi asks what, Shaurya went to apologize to Anokhi.

Reema says I m happy for you, Shaurya likes you. Anokhi asks what. Devi takes a promise from Shaurya. She asks him to remember the promise.


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